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SYFY WIRE The Wretched

Don't look under the crib in exclusive clip from new horror flick 'The Wretched'

By Jacob Oller
The Wretched header

Horror and babies are like chocolate and peanut butter — they go great together and end up messier than anyone predicted. That's especially true in the upcoming scarefest The WretchedThe IFC Midnight release isn't solely about children, though. It's mostly about a witch. And Ben (John-Paul Howard), the regular guy that's staying with his dad for the summer. But something terrible is going on next door and it's nothing but juicy shocking goodness for genre fans.

Writer/director Drew Pierce teams with his brother Brett (the pair previously worked together on 2011's Deadheads) to helm the horror story about Ben's growing problems with the upsetting family next door (who seem to be under some kind of thrall), giving their coming-of-age flick a deliciously nasty genre edge. Of course there's nothing like the nighttime haunts of a supposedly happy family, with a new baby on top of it all, to get the blood pumping.

Now SYFY WIRE can exclusively show off one of The Wretched's freakiest scares in this sneak peek. This may not be the most soothing viewing for those that happen to be stuck at home with a baby.

Check it out:

Now that's a jump scare. Baby monitors are like the opposite of cell phones in horror movies: everything's scarier with them involved. The Wretched stars Howard, Piper Curda, Jamison Jones, Zarah Mahler, Kevin Bigley, and Blane Crockarell.

The Wretched will be in select theaters and drive-ins (and available on VOD and digital platforms) on May 1.