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Things you need to know about Marvel's Moon Knight


For decades, some fans have affectionately called Moon Knight "Marvel’s Batman." But that's not a strictly accurate way to describe the Fist of Khonshu, who's his own man. Sometimes, he's even his own men!

To get everyone ready for Moon Knight's upcoming live-action series on Disney+, SYFY WIRE is breaking down the highlights of this unusual fan favorite. He first appeared as an adversary for Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night (and not a Terrier), before going on to become a headliner of his own comic book series. Marc Spector was once a mercenary for hire, but when he proved to have too much compassion, he was left for dead by his employer, Bushman. Before Spector died, Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, made a deal with him. He became Khonshu's avatar on Earth and a new force for justice.

While Spector's public cover as a millionaire is definitely Bruce Wayne-lite, what separates the Moon Knight from the Dark Knight is that he has three secret identities. Steven Grant was his millionaire persona, while Jake Lockley was a cab driver and in tune with the streets. Spector's true self was making up for his past, but he eventually developed a full-blown multiple personality disorder. That gave Moon Knight, Spector, Grant, and Lockley their own personalities inside a single man.

There are a few differing accounts about whether Moon Knight has powers, which we touch upon here. The short version is that his abilities wax and wane with the moon. When there's a full moon out, Moon Knight’s enhanced strength is at its peak. More recently, Khonshu has taken a more active role in the direction of Spector's life as Moon Knight. Or perhaps Spector's just losing his mind ...

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