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Tim Seeley resurrects Angeles Cero for IDW's vengeful new The Crow Hack/Slash miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Crow Hack Slash Hero

James O'Barr's avenging angel The Crow is a chilling emblem of redemption that first rose to fame back in 1989, then was immortalized in a series of cult films that launched in 1994 with Brandon Lee in the title role for director Alex Proyas' feature adaptation.  This charismatic performance led to the accidental death of its riveting martial arts star and further entrenched the legend of this iconic character.

Now IDW Publishing is pairing the redemptive supernatural crusader with Tim Seeley's monster-slaying sensation, Cassie Hack, for a wild 4-issue crossover miniseries simply titled The Crow Hack/Slash. Flapping its way into comic shops on June 19, it's written and drawn by Seeley (Dark Red, Green Lanterns), with inks by The Crow's Jim Terry — and  SYFY WIRE is delivering an exclusive early look at the premiere issue with page comments by its creators.

Crow Hack Slash Cover

Here in this absorbing storyline, Cassie will embark on a quest to hunt down a new undead version of goth-garbed Crow named Angeles Cero, and this iteration has a true taste for senseless killing.  But Cero won't stop his murderous spree, and as the corpses pile up, Hack and her hulking partner Vlad must hit the trail to stop the Crow Killer, assuming him to be one of the masked maniacs they've stalked for years.

Crow Hack Slash Slice

“The Crow defined me as a fan of the comics medium, but also introduced me to a whole world of music and fashion that I’d never had access to before -- one that completely fit the attitude my teenage brain was desperately looking for,” said Seeley in a statement. "It introduced me to the idea that comics could tell dark and personal stories full of pain and beauty.

"No doubt about it – without O'Barr's original The Crow, there would never have been a Hack/Slash. Mixing Cassie, Vlad, and The Crow has been in the making for 25 years, and my buddy Jim Terry and I cannot wait to unleash it on the world."

Enter, as the crow flies, into our exclusive 4-page breakdown for IDW's The Crow Hack/Slash #1, then tell us if this otherworldly crossover has all the makings of an instant classic.

Crow Hack Slash 1


Tim Seeley: Yeah, the intent on these first two pages here was to harken back to the original Crow comic by O'Barr ... to take advantage of the medium a bit and maybe let the reader be a little confused for a bit as they realize what's going on here. We wanted to introduce a unique Crow character, but lean on the elements of the original.

Jim Terry: On this first page I think there's a heavy noir influence, harkening back to films like DOA or The Naked Kiss, with a POV murder happening, in essence, to the viewer.

Crow Hack Slash 2


Jim Terry: And on the second page here we have the bold reveal of the Crow and the entry into both the macabre and the supernatural, with the hatching representing a sort of aura.

Crow Hack Slash 3


Jim Terry: And on page 3 we jump to the current setting, showing the appropriate landmarks to tell you we're in San Francisco ... And then closer in for the more specific establishing shot of the "tenderloin" ... And finally to the alleyway itself.

Crow Hack Slash 4


Jim Terry: And on page 4 the big hero reveal, with a low angle shot to emphasize their epic entrance.

Tim Seeley: I have been waiting15 years to put Cassie and The Crow together! AND IT BEGINS HERE!!