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Titans unveils Jason Todd's comic book accurate Red Hood costume for Season 3

By Josh Weiss
Red Hood Batman Death in the Family

Curran Walters' Jason Todd will return for Season 3 of Titans, but his days of playing second fiddle to Batman are over.

True to the source material, the character is taking on the identity of the Red Hood, and thanks to the show's official Twitter account, fans got a first look at his comic book accurate costume.

At DC FanDome in late August, executive producer Greg Walker revealed that Todd is going to be the main antagonist of next season following his acrimonious breakup with the titular team in the Season 2 finale. While the third season doesn't have a premiere date just yet, the tweet did announce that the first two seasons of the DC series (originally a DC Universe exclusive) are dropping on HBO Max Sunday, Nov. 1.

Feast your eyes on the Red Hood below:

In addition to Red Hood, the third season will also feature two other famous members of the Batman mythos. The first is Jonathan Crane (aka Scarecrow), who, in this reality, works as a criminal profiler for the Gotham City Police Department. The second is Barbara Gordon, who won't be Batgirl in this iteration, but GCPD Commissioner instead, just like her father before her.

Over the summer, SYFY WIRE caught up with Brenton Thwaites (who plays the role of Dick Grayson/Robin) on Titans, and asked for an update on Season 3. At the time, almost nothing was being filmed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the actor didn't have much to reveal on the subject.

 "I wish there was something, mate. I wish I even knew if we were shooting," he said. "I can’t even say we’re doing Season 3. But I’m sure we are and I’m sure it’s fantastic and I look forward to finding out the story just like you guys."

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