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Meet the villains the 'Titans' will face in Season 4 on HBO Max: Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem & more

Get ready for three new Titans villains when Searson 4 hits.

By Matthew Jackson
Titans 310 Still

Last fall, days ahead of its Season 3 finale, Titans got word that it would be among the DC Comics-driven shows getting a renewal on the HBO Max streaming service, setting up another year of adventures for the grittier, more grown-up version of the team that first arrived back in 2018.

We still don't know exactly where Season 4 will pick up, or what the stakes will be for the team this time around, but we do know which villains they'll be battling.

Deadline reports that actors Joseph Morgan (The Originals), Franka Potente (Taboo), and Lisa Ambalavanar (Doctors) have joined the cast of Titans for Season 4, each taking on a new villain role for the series. Morgan (center in the image below) will play Sebastian Blood, aka Brother Blood, a longtime Titans villain first introduced in the pages of New Teen Titans back in 1982. Though various versions of the character have existed, he's usually depicted as the charismatic, superhumanly strong and durable leader of the Church of Blood, and boasts a group of followers who'll do anything for him. According to Deadline, this version of the character will be an "introvert," which suggests a certain reinvention of his nature. The character was last seen in live action a few years ago on The CW's Arrow, played by Kevin Alejandro (Lucifer).

Joseph Morgan Franka Potente Lisa Ambalavanar GETTY

Potente (right in the image above) will play May Bennett, aka Mother Mayhem, a character typically depicted as a collaborator with Brother Blood who in some versions goes on to become his wife and give birth to his successor. The May Bennett version is specifically the mother of the ninth Brother Blood in DC Comics, so it's possible that's the relationship at work here. It's also possible Mother Mayhem will take a bigger leadership role than Brother Blood, as the character is described as a "natural leader" and a "predator in human form."

Both Morgan and Potente will be series regulars on Titans, while Ambalavanar (left in the image above) has landed a recurring role as Jinx, another villain who first appeared as an adversary of the Teen Titans back in the 1980s. A sorceress with a knack for manipulation, Jinx is known for her mystery in comics, with her real name and identity often remaining shrouded. That bit of casting seems to imply Season 4 might dip back into the magical side of the DC universe, which could mean more Raven(?).

So, bottom line, it looks like the Titans will face the Church of Blood in some form in Season 4, which is a heavy load to carry considering what they deal with in Season 3. At the end of last season the group departed Gotham for San Francisco after a struggle that included everyone from a reborn Jason Todd/Red Hood to the Scarecrow himself, Jonathan Crane. Now, with an apparent fresh start on their hands, they've got a whole new crop of villains to deal with.

Titans is expected to return later this year on HBO Max.