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Tom Holland surprises Chris Pratt and debuts a new Onward clip on Kimmel

By Matthew Jackson
Onward clip

We're just a few weeks away from the release of Onward, the latest film from Pixar Animation Studios that packs a lot of heart and even a few tears into a big fantasy adventure story. Pixar is renowned for, among many other things, putting together great voice casts, and this time around the studio took advantage of the particular chemistry between Chris Pratt and Tom Holland to cast the two MCU superstars as brothers. We may not be able to see the movie yet, but thanks to the film's press tour we're already getting a little preview of Onward's comedy dynamics.

Pratt was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, and after chatting with Kimmel about everything from Valentine's Day to his diet regimen for the upcoming third Jurassic World film, they pivoted to a Q&A segment in which they'd ostensibly take questions from the studio audience. One of the "questions" came from Holland, who popped up and asked Pratt who his favorite actor of all time was. 

"All the actors in the world? Denzel," Pratt said. 

"How about an actor whose name begins with Tom?" Holland countered.

"Oh! Tom ... Cruise," Pratt said.

"What if his second name began with an H?" Holland tried again. 

"Hanks!" Pratt replied. 

You can see the rest of the bit, which begins at about the 8:00 mark, in the video below. It somehow just keeps going, and Pratt and Holland continue to make it charming with a clear grasp on how their combined comedic timing is supposed to work. 

After that, it was time for a clip to showcase even more of the comedic chemistry between these two actors. In the Onward clip, Holland's Ian Lightfoot is using a magical staff to try and walk on air across a canyon, while his brother Barley (Pratt) keeps hold of him from the edge with a rope tied around his waist. Hilarity enues. You can check that out at about the 10:20 mark in the video above.

Onward is in theaters March 6.