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Tomorrow: A computer virus kills off adults in exclusive trailer for new Berger Books comic

By Josh Weiss
Tomorrow Dark Horse comic trailer

What happens when a Russian computer virus jumps the species barrier and begins to kill off every adult human on the planet? Well, the outcome is Tomorrow, Berger Books' upcoming sci-fi comic miniseries from writer Peter Milligan (X-Force) and artist Jesús Hervas (Lucas Stand).

While the debut issue for Tomorrow (there will be a total of five installments) doesn't arrive until late next month, SYFY WIRE is pleased to present an exclusive trailer for the project that hearkens back to another Berger-edited classic, Y: The Last Man. Check out the comic teaser below:

Edited by Karen Berger under her Berger Books imprint at Dark Horse, the story of Tomorrow follows Oscar Fuentes, a musical prodigy who sets off on a cross-country mission to find his twin sister Cira. With the grown-ups pretty much all gone, roving gangs of teenagers dominate the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and not all of them are so well-behaved.

"It’s like some ideas infect you: the only way to get the poison out of your system is to write it," Millgan tells SYFY WIRE. "And in this book the poison runs deep. The characters take us to some dark places, they take us to THEIR dark places. It might even be said that some of them take us to HUMANITY’S dark places. The book might be called Tomorrow — but really it’s all about today, and really, it just had to be written.”

This project is very much a reunion, since Milligan previously collaborated with Berger on Vertigo's Shade, the Changing Man and Enigma throughout the 1990s.

“It’s so great to be working with Peter Milligan again! He’s simply one of the best, and his new thriller Tomorrow shows why he continues to be one of comics’ most original, provocative, and passionate writers,” Berger said in a statement (via Bleeding Cool) when the book was first announced in early October. “Jesús Hervas’s illustrative and expressive art is perfect for this frightening tale that could very well be our future.”

Tomorrow Dark Horse front cover

With coloring by James Devlin, Issue #1 of Tomorrow goes on sale Wednesday, Feb. 26.