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Toni Myers, IMAX documentary filmmaker, passes away at 75

By Christian Long
A Beautiful Planet

Filmmaker Toni Myers, who gave audiences the world over a new perspective on our home planet, died Monday at the age of 75. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she passed away at her Toronto home on Monday following a bout with cancer.

Myers' work with IMAX began almost 30 years ago, when she wrote, edited, and produced the space documentary Blue Planet in 1990She'd go on to write, produce, narrate, and/or direct a handful of landmark films exploring the inner and outer reaches of our planet with films like Under the Sea and Hubble.

A Beautiful Planet, which she wrote, produced, and edited, was released in 2016. The doc managed to score a perfect 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and narrator Jennifer Lawrence called it "a love letter to Earth."

Aside from her stunning work on the big screen, Myers also trained roughly 120 astronauts in the art of filmmaking, directing them as they sent back images of Earth while in orbit.

Several of those who'd gotten the chance to work with her took to Twitter to send their condolences.

Born in 1943, Myers got her start as an assistant editor in commercials in the early/mid-'60s. By 1965, she'd moved to New York City, where she met Graeme Ferguson. The two collaborated on a documentary titled Polar Life, which was released at Montreal’s EXPO ’67. Ferguson would go on to found IMAX, and the two kept collaborating for roughly a half-century.

Myers is survived by her son Jackson Myers and stepdaughter Micki Myers.

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