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SYFY WIRE Important Toy News

Important Toy News: Crab Raves, J-horror Funkos, full-scale Poké Balls, and more

By Loryn Stone
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Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you all the best and coolest happenings in the world of amazing toys and collectibles for the week.

Get ready for your coins, as shiny as Christmas tinsel, to glitter and glow as they make their weekly transformation into preorders and collectibles galore alongside, your resident, if not favorite, Toy Journalist. And this week, my toy collecting friends, a certain Crab Rave is leaving the island...

Yoo Tooz Crab Rave


If you know memes, then you know Crab Rave. And believe me, we love memes and meme toys. With hundreds of millions of views, "Crab Rave," a tropical beat by the musician Noisestorm, gained quick popularity, and the internet wasted no time turning it into a meme.

Youtooz continues to bring the internet’s most popular memes to life with its latest figure, the first with playable music, dropping this Friday, Dec. 4. There are two versions of this toy available for preorder — a sand version and a rock version. Each costs $29.99 and will ship in April 2021. You can purchase them right here on Yootooz's official site.

Mattel x Hello Kitty Collection


Mattel and Sanrio are collaborating for a whole new line of toys and accessories based on the amazing Hello Kitty franchise! Everything from dolls to trinkets and other small goodies is available in this line, and it is sure to delight fans! I think Mattel does such breathtaking work with all of its toy lines, and this new Hello Kitty collaborative line is no exception.

Highlights from the collection include Sanrio Double Dippers, Hello Kitty and Friends Éclair Doll, Hello Kitty and Friends Stylie Doll, Hello Kitty and Friends Jazzlyn Doll (with Badtz-Maru, my favorite!), Hello Kitty and Friends Minis Hamburger Diner Playset, Hello Kitty and Friends Minis Tea Party, and more! This line is available for sale now and you can find the entire collection on Amazon.

Mighty Jaxx Bugs and Lola


In a segment of Important Toy News I’m conveniently titling Designer Toys, we have two super cool reveals.

First up, it’s the newest creation in Mighty Jaxx’s XXRAY lineup, and Looney Toons fans are in for a real treat. Presenting the XXRAY Plus Bugs and Lola Bunny on their, as Mighty Jaxx puts it, “mission as they go from the safety of Bugs’ hole to the hidden vaults of ACME." Both coolly lethal and highly trained, the search for the 100 golden dazzle carrots will take you through a world of wacky imaginative gaiety.

Bugs and Lola Bunny cost $269.99, ship April 2021, and are available for preorder today. If that price seems daunting, keep in mind that this piece is made of premium vinyl and Bugs alone is 10.7 inches tall. Lola is 8.7 inches tall, so between the two of them, we have a whole lot of bunny.

PEPPERJERRY Urban Devil Toys


And in our second Designer Toy feature, we have The Urban Devil! Urban Devil is an individual designer self-brand IP by Taiwanese artist PEPPERJERRY. It is inspired by wacky things, monsters, punk rock, and a friendly devil with a dummy head. Urban Devil just keeps going on a journey of hardcore alternative rock, bring happiness and craziness to our urban life.

These figures are made of PVC and stand 6 inches tall. Both the original color version and the grayscale variant are available for preorder for $52 and $65 respectively over at BigBadToyStore.

Super7 Peanuts Wave 3


Super7’s Peanuts ReAction figures are some of my favorite toys out there. I was blown away by Wave One and purchased the entire thing. Wave Two’s beach theme left a little bit to be desired, in my personal opinion, but I am so happy to see that this has all changed for Wave Three — we’re going camping!

I always loved the Charlie Brown camp shorts, such as “Mr. Sack” and the Beagle Scout stories, and when I saw that Super7 had made a Mr. Sack figure, I was done — I ordered it immediately. This wave includes Camper Charlie Brown, Mr. Sack, Camper Linus, Camper Peppermint Patty, Camper Marcie, and Beagle Scout Snoopy. Each costs $18 and you can order yours today.

Funko Junji Ito Pop Collection


One of the biggest surprises in new toy announcements this week is without a doubt Funko’s Junji Ito Pop! vinyl figures.

Sure, fans of Japanese horror manga (such as myself) are quite aware of his brilliant and highly disturbing body of work, but never did I expect to see Pop! figures (or any sort of figures) paying homage to his terrifying stories and illustrations. I own the Frankenstein collection of stories and some of them very much sat with me for a very long time. I’m looking at you Neck Spector! 

The Junji Ito Pop! vinyl figures collection include Tomie, Yuuko, Ms. Fuchi, and Souichi Tsujii. Each one costs $10.99, will ship in February 2021, and are available for preorder today.

Pokemon Company Replica


We’re nearing the end my toy loving friends, but we’re going to end on a prop note! The Wand Company is giving Pokémon fans a highly accurate 1:1 scale Poké Ball replica! This Poké Ball features a colored surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. Simply get near the Poké Ball and watch the button glow!

The Poké Ball comes with a presentation case as well as a stainless steel ring so you are able to display it however you want. I love a good prop replica and think that this piece is just such a classy, tasteful, and wonderful addition to any prop collection. It costs $99.99, ships Q2 2021, and is available for preorder today.

Numskull Ghostbusters Incense Burner


If you fancy yourself a Ghostbuster then you already know that you need The Trap from Ghostbusters. But there is a twist! Numskull has now turned this iconic bit of ghostbusting kit into an amazing incense burner based on the movie version itself! Seriously, I’m not even an incense fan (gave up that habit in the late '90s) and I totally need this in my collection. Who is to say we can’t use it as a prop replica too?!

Every little detail is included in this replica and it comes on its own (removable) stand base. Once that incense is burning, you will see the smoky effect emanating from the trap and the scent is spookily relaxing! Or is it? Is it the incense creating that vapor... or have you trapped the unthinkable?

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner costs $69.99, ships in January 2021, and is available for preorder today.