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Star Wars toys are here to light up the dark with their buddies Legolas and Snoopy

By Loryn Stone
important toy news

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you all the best and coolest happenings in the world of amazing toys and collectibles for the week.

So, keep your gloves and masks within reach (please), get ready to shop (online, due to the coronavirus), and get ready to jump back into that (very, very virtual) toy box with your resident, if not favorite, Toy Journalist.

For today, we are shining a light through the darkness like a wandering Death Star with three alluring new Star Wars night lights that will make staying at home seem like an even better idea.

Jasco Death Star Nightlight


Jasco has three new lights available that straddle the line between collectible, toy, and nerd house item. But who cares, they’re all awesome!

You can choose between an R2-D2 Light-Sensing LED Night Light (which means it turns on at dusk and off at dawn, $6.99 and available here), a projectable Star Wars Death Star night light (which means it emits a soft glow while projecting a colorful three-foot image on the ceiling, wall or floor, $17.99 and available here), and a BB-8 nightlight (which is color changing and light sensing and lets you cycle through various colors). It costs $14.99 and is available here.

Really makes the stars from a galaxy far, far away seem a little closer, doesn’t it?

Mondo Catwoman TAS


From one superhero world to another, Mondo has an amazing treat for Batman fans. It’s an exclusive Catwoman from her depiction in Batman: The Animated Series!

This Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure stays true to the animated classic. Sculpted to match the iconic style of the show with a paint scheme evoking the bold, graphic look of an animated cel. Catwoman comes fully equipped to slink into your collection, and maybe take something from it! She comes with an unmasked Selina Kyle head and a lounging Isis the Cat, has 30 points of articulation, is 11.5 inches in height, and comes with tons of accessories.

Catwoman will ship June 2020 and costs $165. The figure goes on sale Thursday, April 16 at 11AM CT via Be sure to keep an eye on Mondo’s social media channels for any updates and sale info.

Mondo MOTU Man at Arms


Speaking of the Amazing Mondo brand, it's revealed a sneak peek of its newest addition to The Masters of the Universe line! While originally known for limited art prints and T-shirts, Mondo has become a legitimate contender in the collector’s toy market.

I’m personally so in love with its Iron Giant figures, but there is no denying the majesty that is the MOTU lineup. The newest in the Mondo MOTU 1/6th scale collection is Man at Arms! Word around the playground is that She-Ra, Keldor, Beast Man, Stratos, and Trap Jaw are also on the way.

We don’t have any preorder information yet, but there’s a very good chance this could be a convention season (virtual, virtual convention season) reveal.

Hiya Toys RoboCop Ed-209


On the topic of awesome '80s franchises, let’s take another look at what Hiya Toys is doing with the RoboCop franchise!

We discussed Hiya’s RoboCop toys a few months back when showing off the titular character’s G.I. Joe scale debut. But now, you can own a 1/18 scale ED-209, the arch-nemesis of RoboCop. Let’s just say it’s a "not too bright chicken walker of destruction."

The Walker is armed to the teeth with machine gun cannons and a missile launcher. There is already a ReAction version in about the same scale by Super7, but this has a lot more detail.

This beauty costs $39.99, ships May 2021, and can be preordered today from BigBadToyStore.

Super7 Peanuts Wave 2


But speaking of Super7 and its awesome lineup of reaction figures, my absolute favorite ones ever are the Peanuts figures, which I think I gushed about in detail when I got my hands on Wave 1 last July. While some people aren’t in love with the small scale and minimal details in the toy line, the Peanuts figures soar past this and are perfectly in scale little figures that look like they were pulled directly out of the original Charles Schultz comic books.

Wave 2 includes a new Charlie Brown, Franklin, Snoopy as the Flying Ace (one of my favorite incarnations of Snoopy!), Spike, Marcie, and Peppermint Patty. You can order them for $17.99 a piece by clicking on their names. These beautiful toys are shipping in April 2020.

Diamond Select Legolas LOTR


We’ve reached the end, my toy loving friends, but we can’t end without RINGING it in with toys from the LORD of all fantasy series and... OK, you caught me. I guess I’m not subtle.

From The Lord of the Rings saga, Diamond Select Toys' Select Series begins with the original odd couple, the dwarf Gimli and the elf Legolas! Each 7-inch scale figure features 16 points of articulation, detailed sculpting, and a full range of accessories. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box with hangtag, and also comes with a piece of Sauron — collect the whole line to build the 13-inch villain!

You can preorder Gimli and Legolas today for $44.99. They will ship in September 2020.