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Trailer for Attack on Titan’s Season 3 return ignites a mysterious blaze

By Elizabeth Rayne
Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 trailer

Whatever that paranormal light exploding from Eren’s eyes is, it doesn't look safe — at least for anyone who can’t morph themselves into a Titan.

After 12 episodes of explosive reveals (remember when you thought Christa was just another supporting character?), the first part of Season 3 literally rode off into the sunset, though it still left us hanging about what exactly lurks in Eren’s old basement. You also have to be more than a little nervous about what Levi is going to do with that Titan serum that Kenny the Ripper left in his capable but sometimes unpredictable hands.

If the end of last season was the calm before the storm, welcome to the storm.

The laser blast released by Eren and Reiner’s eyes, which sets all of Wall Maria aflame, has to be something Titan-related considering whose physiology we’re dealing with here. Is this a latent shifter ability? A manifestation of extreme anger? Just an overblown special effect? The mysterious flames don’t seem to be burning anything down when Wall Maria catches fire. Since you only get to a microsecond of wall footage, nothing is certain.

The Beast Titan is back, and he’s taking it on himself on the human population within the walls. He can’t be sending an entire boulder flying over there for nothing. You can bet that there is probably a horde of Titans besides where that came from, because it’s impossible to believe the only ones with an appetite for all-out destruction are the two trailing behind him. There have to be more creeping up out of somewhere.

By the way, at 0:41, is that Eren realizing this neverending battle doesn’t revolve around him? He finally started to grow up last season and open his eyes to the fact that he isn’t so special, and that he probably would have died several times over by now if it weren’t for the other scouts who keep throwing their lives up like shields just to protect him.

While there is still no official release date, Season 3 will return this April.