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Tricia Helfer talks about playing Dracula alongside Van Helsing's cast


On Friday, September 27, the SYFY original series, Van Helsing will return for its fourth season. Battlestar Galactica star Tricia Helfer has joined the cast... as perhaps the first woman to play Dracula! At San Diego Comic-Con, SYFY WIRE caught up with Helfer and she shared a few thoughts about her upcoming role.

"It can be terrifying if you put too much into [playing a female Dracula]," said Helfer. "No pressure! You’ve just got to push all of that aside and focus on the script and our version of the character. That's what I tried to do. Luckily, what I was envisioning for the character, the team was as well. In terms of a little bit more creature like, and a little bit more androgynous, and a little bit of a quirkiness to her. More so than just the sexy 'I'm going to drink your blood.'"

Helfer was joined by her new castmates, Aleks Paunovic, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Jennifer Cheon, as we asked them who would win in a fight: the vampires of Twilight or the vampires of Van Helsing. Heyerdahl pointed out his special insight into that question, since he played a vampire in both Twilight and Van Helsing!

"I think that we would win, just because Sam knows all of the secrets of the vampires," said Heyerdahl, who plays Sam on Van Helsing. "He's got the inside scoop and would probably share it... I know the secret of their twinkle."

For more fun details from the cast of Van Helsing, check out the full video!