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The team (and Nixon) tells the truth, plus a surprise death in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Nate

It seems fairly clear this season hasn’t gone exactly as planned, but regardless, it has made for some true emotional beats — all wrapped in the zaniness fans have come to expect from the Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoilers ahead for “The Getaway,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, April 8, 2019.

The writers have been up front about the fact that beloved character actor Tom Wilson (aka Biff in Back to the Future) was originally supposed to be a major antagonist this year. But the dude was too darn charming, so Nate’s dad turned into an antagonistic force loaded with redeeming qualities. His tale of redemption came to a head this week, thanks to a truth-telling magical creature that derails the course of America when it decides to inhabit Richard Nixon circa 1973.

Nate has spent the past two episodes serving as a double agent of sorts, working within the Time Bureau but secretly investigating his father and his shady plans to experiment on the magical creatures the Legends have been helping capture. He figures out Nate is playing both sides this week, but Nate comes clean that he’s only trying to do what he thinks is right — and through it all, he’s still truly loved having a chance to work with his father and reconnect. Hank says the same, and vows to work with Nate to figure out a path forward.

Of course, the demon pulling Hank’s strings is none too fond of his newfound conscience. Once the demon Neron realizes Hank is no longer useful, he sucks the life out of him right there, leaving Hank as nothing but a corpse on the floor. It’s a tragic turn, especially with Nate finally on the verge of having a real relationship with his estranged father. The specifics of Hank’s death are complicated even more by the presence of Nora Darhk, who was recruited by Gary to try and help uncover the conspiracy within the Time Bureau. She can sense the evil attacking Hank and escapes to try and help. She arrives too late, and is instead caught red-handed standing over his lifeless body. She panics and escapes, and is likely about to become Public Enemy No. 1 for the Legends and the Time Bureau, at least until everyone figures out what’s really going on.

The McGuffin of a truth-telling magical creature was a bit on the nose, but it worked. It allowed Nate to finally have a moment with his father; it allowed the team to hilariously air their dirty laundry with one another (here’s hoping Rory really does grow his hair out); and it made for a funny (but easy) target to poke a bit of fun at the OG crook Nixon.

Assorted Musings

Legends of Tomorrow Nate 2

Before his passing, Hank does agree to drop the charges against the Legends, so they’ll likely be back on the good side of the Time Bureau. There’s also a question of who is now in charger of the Bureau, with Ava taking some personal time in the wake of her breakup with Sara. Will Nate step in? Will Ava be back next week? Only time will tell.

Mona’s still a wolf, but thanks to a heart-to-heart with Sara, she’s learning to control her emotions even when in wolf mode.

The blooming ‘ship between Nate and Zari is real, as Nate hilariously admits he’d be into it while under the influence of that truth-telling creature. Which, hey, they are pretty adorable.

After being sidelined for a bit, it seems they’re ready to bring Nora back into the narrative fold. It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up now that she’s on the run.

Next week: The team says goodbye to Hank, but there are some evil spirits hanging around to make sure nothing goes by too easily.