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Twin Peaks box set showcases David Lynch's playfulness behind the surreal series' scenes

By Jacob Oller
Twin Peaks imdb

Diane…we’ve never seen so many discs in our lives. Twin Peaks fans should be salivating over the extensive and impressive recent box set, but the goodies don’t just stop with the original series; Fire Walk with Me and its deleted scenes, The Missing Pieces; or Twin Peaks: The Return.

In a limited release of just 25,000 copies around the globe, Twin Peaks: From Z To A isn’t just the most complete experience for the series that fans can get (though it is that)... it’s a piece of art, with a beautiful print, an acrylic cutout of Laura Palmer kissing Agent Cooper, and a glorious box.

Twin Peaks From A to Z

It’s also an incredible well of behind-the-scenes and deleted footage showcasing the weird and wonderful people and production behind one of the most surreal and affecting TV shows of all time.

Behind The Curtain, an 18-part series taking fans to the other side of the camera 25 minutes at a time, comes from David Lynch's longtime collaborator and documentarian, Jason S. Lynch himself highlights some of the best moments from the Limited Event Series’ production in this all-new footage. SYFY WIRE got its hands on a copy of the set and delved deep into the best behind the scenes moments.

One of the first standouts in Behind The Curtain is Lynch's endearing way of announcing when an actor wraps. On his megaphone, the legendary director says it's time for a "gather 'round," asking cast and crew to come in for a meeting. They all do, echoing his "gather 'round" call, until Lynch can thank whichever cast member has finished filming.

Fans also get a look at Lynch helping his actors rehearse their backwards speech from their return to the Red Room. Line by line, the actors work on their phonetic memorizations, with crew members recording and playing back the lines the right way around to make sure their pronunciations are correct.

Other key scenes, like the death of mysterious doppelganger Dougie, show off delightful footage that adds humor to otherwise spooky proceedings. After actor Kyle MacLachlan shrinks into himself, Lynch laughed and joked. "I don't think we need the CGI," he said. "I thought, seriously, he was going to disappear. It's a good thing I cut it; we wouldn't have had him."

Each episode of the revival gets its own Behind The Curtain episode and each offers new details for Twin Peaks obsessives.

The set also offers a hidden Easter egg: screensaver-like footage called Atmospherics. Branches of Douglas firs (iconic flora for the series) or Twin Peaks locations can serve as spooky mood-setters for the Lynchian devotee.

Finally, another brand-new interview, intercut with behind-the-scenes footage, with Harry Goaz (Deputy Sheriff Andy Brennan) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran) documents the pair's process of coming back to Twin Peaks after two and a half decades. Goaz explains that he had a feeling the show would return, and upon his recasting in the Limited Event Series, said coming to terms with having a son (played by Michael Cera in the show) was one of the first things he had to do.

Whether fans are curious about the filming of gunshots, backwards walking, or the removal of a face, this massive box set will show them the surreal curtain, and then lift it just enough to tantalize.

Twin Peaks: From Z To A is out now. Have you found any more of the box set's secrets?

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