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Twisted Metal Stars Sound Off: "There’s So Much Cool Sh**" in Wild New Peacock Series

There was no shortage of good times on the set of the video game adaptation.

By Josh Weiss

There was no shortage of good times had on the set of Peacock's Twisted Metal adaptation (all 10 episodes are now streaming). There were so many good times, in fact, that cast member Stephanie Beatriz (car thief Quiet) can't pick just one.

"There’s so much cool sh**, you know?" she said during a Zoom call with NBC Insider ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike. "There’s car chases, there’s bar fights. I don’t know when this article is gonna come out — I don’t want to give away any spoilers — but there’s so much cool sh** in this show that is packed, packed, packed into every episode. I could not narrow it down for you if I tried."

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Twisted Metal cast on their favorite scenes to shoot

Fellow co-lead Anthony Mackie (milkman John Doe) was able to narrow it down to "all the driving stuff," which allowed him to "really put some miles on that Subaru," he added with a laugh. "So it was fun. It was really interesting being able to whip it around and fight an actual professional wrestler. That was kind of cool."

That "professional wrestler" is Samoa Joe, who provided the physical performance for Sweet Tooth, a psychotic clown residing in the ruins of what was once Las Vegas. Once civilization fell, however, Sin City was rechristened "Lost Vegas."

"A lot of stuff we did in Lost Vegas was a lot of fun," Joe said. "And then obviously going into the latter scenes of the season as we get to the penultimate battles, that also got tremendously fun."

Thomas Haden Church (hard-nosed highwayman Agent Stone) also had a blast filming the action set pieces, but if he had to choose a particularly memorable moment, he'd go with the torture montage — hilariously set to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" — at Stone's Hoover Dam headquarters in Episode 3.

"I really liked some of the stuff that was kind of funnier," Church explained. "The scene where I’m interrogating John Doe and Quiet and then I torture them and then I come back and I torture them and then I come back [again]. That was very entertaining because I was trying to come up with ways to amuse myself as Agent Stone. So that stuff was fun."

All 10 episodes of Twisted Metal are now streaming on Peacock

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**These interview were conducted before the actors' strike.**