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The Office's Greg Daniels returns with first trailer for sci-fi afterlife series 'Upload'

By Jacob Oller
Upload screencap

Fans of The Office and contemplating mortality are in luck: Upload, the sci-fi afterlife comedy from creator Greg Daniels, has its first trailer for Amazon. Basically, genre fans can think of the show as The Good Place but with more Holodeck-esque implications, where dying people can upload themselves into various different afterlives.

Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Andy Allo lead this rom-com from beyond the grave — Amell’s character Nathan dies prematurely and meets Nora (Allo) in his heaven — which seems like the perfect mix of technological sci-fi and quirky humor in its first look. The problem is that Nora isn't his girlfriend, because that role is already taken by the shallow Ingrid (Allegra Edwards). A car crash pushes Nathan to make a quick decision ... and he chooses digital immortality.

Check it out:

The Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime" scores the trailer, which shows Nathan's upload to "Lakeview" where he gets a friendly customer service worker and a lot of unsatisfying options — including in-app purchases.

Superpowers, talking dogs, and more populate the afterlife — as well as plenty of rom-com complications. That's only natural because the rest of the world is set in the near future where "hologram phones, 3D food printers and automated grocery stores are the norm," according to the official description.

Upload begins contemplating death on May 1.