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Watch: The wards come tumbling down in our 'Vampire Academy' season finale sneak peek

It's chaos in the streets of St. Vladimir's Academy in this exclusive Vampire Academy season finale sneak peek.

By Tara Bennett
The Vampire Academy YT

In the penultimate episode of the first season of Peacock's Vampire Academy, the Strigoi were unleashed upon the Dominion and now it's chaos as the Moroi vampires are all running for cover. It sets the stage for the great big, finale episode, "Ascension," which teases that the "citizens of the Dominion must come together to face their greatest threat yet." 

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look at what's going down in the aftermath of last week, as the Strigoi invasion looms large. In particular, there's a ward problem to figure out.

Check it out:

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Not only is nasty death impending, but the fussy social structure of the Moroi is doubling down in being content with letting non-royals die as they cram the elite into the first round of escape vans. Luckily, royal Christian (André Dae Kim) feels his familial responsibility for the crisis and has no time for the coward's path. He's heading for the archives to figure out a workaround for the missing stake to reseal the broken wards that will keep everyone sorta safe from Strigoi attacks, at least during the night.

And in other terrible parent fall out, Mia (Mia McKenna-Bruce) has to deal with her dumb Dad, Victor (J. August Richards), in the wake of his failed power grab. Is an apology enough? Sure doesn't look like it as Mia leaves him behind to help others during the pandemonium. Will they get to clear the air before the Season 1 finale ends? Looks like there are a lot of loose ends to address so maybe a daddy/daughter make up will have to wait.

Speaking of future stories, official word has not been announced regarding a second season or the Vampire Academy yet, but fans of the book seem to be digging showrunner and vampire series grande dame Julie Plec's intent to do something "wholly unique."

Vampire Academy's finale drops Oct. 27 exclusively on Peacock