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SYFY WIRE Van Helsing

Van Helsing Season 5: Axel meets a shadowy phantom in teaser for Episode 9

By Josh Weiss
What Lies Ahead for Vanessa and Axel? | Episode 9 Preview

After splitting up from the main group at the end of this week's episode of Van Helsing, Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) is now on his own ... or is he? In the teaser trailer for "The Doorway," Episode 9 of the fifth and final season of the hit SYFY series, Axel meets a shadowy phantom that knows his name and finds — are you ready for it? — Vanessa Van Helsing! Yes, Kelly Overton's character has finally returned after being MIA since last season.

There's only one tiny problem that may or may not involve a severed jugular. In any case, the synopsis teases that Vanessa and Axel are headed for the Dark Realm, "where they both discover secrets of their past that may help them in the future."

Check it out:

What Lies Ahead for Vanessa and Axel? | Episode 9 Preview

"I think what I’ll take away the most is a deep sense of gratitude," Overton shared during an interview with MassLive when asked for her thoughts on the show coming to an end. "Gratitude to have had the opportunity to be a part of an action show for five years and gratitude for the people I met during that time. Gratitude for the two beautiful babies I was blessed to have during those five years and the memories we made as a family in Vancouver."

Van Helsing

Episode 9 of Van Helsing's final season premieres on SYFY on Friday, June 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

Episodes 1 through 8 of Season 5 are now available to stream on the official SYFY app. The app is free to download, and viewers can either connect to their cable subscription to access the full content or sign up for an NBCUniversal profile and use up to three free credits.