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Vin Diesel (action figure) debuts first Bloodshot look at NYCC

By Jacob Oller
Bloodshot Action Figure 3

An unexpected reveal at New York Comic Con came from a much-anticipated project that wasn't even on the panel docket. The Bloodshot movie, starring Vin Diesel (Groot himself) as the Valiant Comics supersoldier, has released a pre-transformation look at its titular hero, but the first time fans will have seen Diesel (or at least his likeness) in his fullblown pale and powerful form comes from a new action figure unveiled at NYCC.

The figure, which features the nanite-filled killer with a sword and a gun, looks a lot like the Fast & Furious star transformed for director Dave Wilson's film - even if the icon on his t-shirt is immediately recognizable.

Take a look:

And no, that's not God of War's Kratos. With Harbinger leaving the Valiant-verse in questionBloodshot has a heavy load to bear for fans of the comics and their intersecting heroes. But at least he looks cool, right?

Bloodshot is aimed for Feb. 21, 2020.

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