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SYFY WIRE Carnival Row

War is brewing in 'Carnival Row's final season trailer

Carnival Row returns, and this time it's an all-or-nothing fight.

By Matthew Jackson
Carnival Row Season 2

In late 2022, more than three years after the end of its first season and two years after Season 2 wrapped up its initial shooting schedule, Amazon announced that its fantasy drama Carnival Row would finally return for a second, and final, season on the streamer. Now, the full trailer for the concluding season is here, and it looks like war in The Burgue. 

As Season 2 picks up, Rycroft "Philo" Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) is once again investigating a series of murders in a world where humans and magical beings must co-exist in any uneasy shared space. This time the murders have an added sense of tension, as someone is going after The Burgue's power structure and its human leaders, and that someone might be very close to Philo's home. His fae partner (it's complicated), Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne), is still fighting a resistance battle alongside the Black Raven, and she just might end up leading the charge against the humans, no matter what the consequences for the fae citizens of The Row might be. Throw in all the other dangling storylines, including Tourmaline Larou's (Karla Crome) emerging power set, and you've got a powder keg ready to explode across this fantasy world.

Check out the trailer below:

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Created by Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham as a spec script back in the 2000s, Carnival Row emerged as a streaming series way back in 2019, building an elaborate, grimy magical world on Prime Video, then getting lost in the shuffle of the 2020 pandemic as fans tried to parse out when Season 2 might emerge. Despite reports in the summer of 2020 that the season had finished shooting, the show's future wasn't really clear until late last year, when Amazon revealed that Season 2 would be Carnival Row's last. Now, we're just weeks away from seeing how it all ends.

Carnival Row returns Feb. 17 on Prime Video.

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