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SYFY WIRE Warrior Nun

‘Warrior Nun’ creator and star react to cancellation after Season 2: 'It was all for you'

It may take divine intervention to save Warrior Nun.

By Gina Salamone
Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in "Warrior Nun”

It's going to take divine intervention for Warrior Nun fans to find out what's next for the fantasy-drama show's characters. Netflix has decided not to renew the series for a third season, a move made just a little over a month after its Season 2 debut. 

Series creator Simon Barry broke the news to fans on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, writing that he "just found out" Netflix won't be bringing the show back. "My sincere appreciation to all the fans who worked so hard to bring awareness to this series, and for the love you showed me, the cast and the whole production team," Barry tweeted. "It was a privilege to be a part of this."

Deadline reported that the second season of Warrior Nun spent only three weeks on Netflix's Top 10 English language series list, thereby dooming it when the streaming service put those numbers against how much it would cost to renew. 

The show starred Alba Baptista as Ava Silva, a teen orphan who dies and wakes up in a morgue to find that she now has superpowers and must join a sect of demon-hunting nuns. This is made possible by an object known as the Halo, which was inserted into her back, giving her cool powers like healing, and finding and killing demons with a special sword. 

"Working on Warrior Nun was a very special chapter of my life," Baptista also tweeted Tuesday, after word of the cancellation spread. "Thank you to the cast and crew for giving everything they had. Thank you to the fans that loved and supported us. I see you and I love you. It was all for you. I’m forever grateful."

Thekla Reuten, Lorena Andrea, Toya Turner, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Tristán Ulloa, Sylvia De Fanti, and William Miller also starred. The show is based on Ben Dunn's comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, and was originally intended to be a feature film before the adaption evolved into the Netflix series. 

Ahead of the July, 2020 premiere of the first season, the cast told SYFY WIRE about the martial arts training they underwent before filming began, a time period they also used to get to know their colleagues. "Everyone really wanted to get along and wanted to create bonds, not only for the characters, but for between the scenes, just to become friends and become real-life sisters, which was something that happened throughout the shoot, I think," Baptista said. "And my bonds with each of the girls came a little bit later, but it made perfect sense for the character — as well as seeing that [the others] were already so bonded right from Episode 1 and Ava comes after. In a way, it kind of developed in real life just as it did with the characters."

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