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Warwick Davis introduces the Willow series cast in a new Disney+ Day featurette

The long-awaited follow-up to the fantasy classic is finally arriving next year.

By Matthew Jackson

Next year, the long-awaited series sequel to the '80s fantasy classic Willow finally arrives on Disney+. Sadly, we don't have any footage from the new series yet, but thanks to the festivities on Disney+ Day we do have a new report from the show's set featuring title star Warwick Davis, and his new supporting cast. 

In a featurette released during Disney+ Day on Friday morning, Davis leads a camera around the Willow set in an effort to get to know his young co-stars, and while we don't actually get to see any of the show's sets, we do get a delightful sampling of the kind of banter and chemistry that's developing among the show's stars. Going around a picnic table, Warwick introduces Dempsey Bryk, Amar Chadha-Patel, Ellie Bamber, Tony Revolori, Ruby Cruz, and Erin Kellyman, who Disney+ streamers might recognize from her recent turn in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sadly, we don't learn anything about the characters they're playing in the new adventure, but each of them manages to get a good joke or two, whether it's pretending they've never actually seen the original Willow, ribbing Davis about de-aging his face, or simply reminding their older co-star that this isn't Star Wars. Check it out below.

Originally conceived as a fantasy story by George Lucas in the 1970s, Willow finally made its way to big screens in 1988 under the guidance of then relatively new director Ron Howard, with Lucas and his company Lucasfilm on board to produce. The film followed the title character, a would-be sorcerer living in a small village, who took on the task of delivering a baby who fulfilled a magical prophecy to its proper home. The film deftly blended dark fantasy elements with comedy, featured a wonderful 1980s genre design aesthetic, and of course built a world along the way that made it ripe for sequels. 

Sadly, attempts at a sequel didn't fully pick up steam until roughly two years ago, when Disney (Lucasfilm's parent company) announced a new series was in development. The following year, Howard and Davis both confirmed that they would return for the series, and now we only have to wait a few more months until it's finally on our screens. 

Willow premieres in 2022 on Disney+.