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WATCH C2E2: AEW's Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks talk Double or Nothing and more


Casual WWE fans may not realize it, but Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are three of the best professional wrestlers in the world. And they're not satisfied by the current wrestling promotions, so they're forming their own company: All Elite Wrestling. Additionally, AEW's first show will be Double or Nothing, the follow-up to their indie supercard, All In.

At C2E2, Omega and the Jackson brothers were guests on the Live Stage, and they shared a glimpse at how AEW will stand apart from WWE, ROE, Impact, and the rest of the wrestling world.

"I think we're going to have this nice balance of thought-provoking entertainment and also the kind of mindless entertainment where it's popcorn wrestling," said Omega. "Much like you'd watch The Raid or a Hong Kong Kung Fu cinema kind of movie. We're gonna have all forms of entertainment blended seamlessly into one show."

"I think you're gonna see what we do with ... the storylines blurring together," continued Omega. "I think you're gonna see the best quality of wrestling, and I think you're gonna see new concepts of pro wrestling too. It's not going to be one style, it's going to be a myriad of styles ... You're going to see a bunch of different types of storytelling, including cinematic."

Matt Jackson mentioned that the trio had their pictures taken with the cast of Mortal Kombat, before Omega shared his amazement at the con experience.

"Almost everything here I'm actually a fan of, which is really cool," said Omega. "No matter where I turn or where I go, I see something that I like. Even everyone that is here as a guest, I could very well be a person in their line."

The Young Bucks and Omega also shared a few more details about Double or Nothing and their wrestling origins. But you'll have to watch the entire video for those stories!