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WATCH C2E2: Amy Jo Johnson on her journey from Pink Ranger to Writer and Director


Over 25 years ago, Amy Jo Johnson became famous for playing Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While Johnson subsequently starred in Felicity, The Division, and Flashpoint, her turn as the Pink Ranger is still her best known role.

Currently, Johnson is a writer and a director of her own films. But at C2E2, Johnson came to the Live Stage and shared a few Power Rangers memories with the audience.

Unlike some of her Power Rangers co-stars, Johnson is relatively new to the convention scene. Her amazement at the cons was one of the first topics of the panel.

"It really kind of blows my mind, coming to any convention and standing at the table and meeting all of these people," said Johnson. "And hearing their stories of how 25 years ago, for some reason, Kimberly and the Power Rangers affected their lives. It's a bit surreal... I had no idea that the first acting job I ever had would have such an impact."

Johnson went on to recount her initial reaction to the show, as well as her response to the Power Rangers comics that introduced an alternate Kimberly who became the Ranger Slayer. However, she admitted to only hearing about that as opposed to reading it herself. Additionally, Johnson spoke about the differences between working on the Power Rangers TV show and the first movie in 1993.

Moving beyond Power Rangers, Johnson touched upon her current career as a writer and a director of her own films, as well as her desire to further explore her creative side. For those details, watch the entire video!