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SYFY WIRE The banana Splits

WATCH: Children's movies that scarred us for life


Somewhere in everyone’s childhood lurks a movie that traumatized them so much they still have nightmares about it, and it was probably rated no worse than PG.

With The Banana Splits transforming from an already horrifying, retro animal-suit ensemble to real horror on SYFY soon, SYFY WIRE’s Jackie Jennings, Angelique Roché, and Juan Cavidad thought it was high time to talk about movies supposedly made for kids but that pretty much traumatized them forever.

Should it be any surprise Labyrinth is on this list? Think about it. You have a teenage girl so done with her baby brother that she goes ahead and offers him to the Goblin King (and you know that isn’t really by accident, no matter what she says). Then you have things like the Bog of Eternal Stench and Fieries that can twist off their heads and play soccer or volleyball or whatever with them. Creepy.

Dumbo is another one you might not think of right away, but once you do, you realize exactly how bizarre and even nightmarish it is. It’s scary enough for a little kid to see this adorable baby elephant get ripped from his mother. Plus, you know that scene after Dumbo gets into a barrel of ale and he starts having the trippiest dream ever? The one with the pink balloon elephants marching right before his eyes?

Do not watch that scene after dark unless you like waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Just don’t. Maybe you wouldn’t think of The Watcher in the Woods as a kids’ movie right away, but it was made by Disney (!) and rated PG (!!). The thing is, you have to remember that PG back then definitely didn't mean what it does now. For ‘80s and ‘90s kids, PG was that fine line between G and something … not G.

Watch the video to relive all the freaky moments from kids’ stuff that was really not for kids, then let us know what "kids' fare" left its mark on you.