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WATCH ECCC: Funko previews their new app and more

By Tara Bennett

At ECCC 2019, Funko had a clear message for fans: The future is digital. Mike Bushnell, Funko’s digital lead, was joined on stage by Greg Juby, the art director of The Coalition, and Chris Sully, Funko's marketing manager. The trio spent the better part of the hour talking about Funko's newest initiatives, including the Funko app. Bushnell also took the time to explain why Funko felt the need to expand with its own app.

"There were actually a number of different applications, websites, things that our fans were already using," said Bushnell. "From a foundational perspective, we wanted to go out there, look at what they were already using, interview a few fans, do some surveys online, get general feedback about what they're using and how they're using it, so we could come up with a plan for what to go through the door with."

According to Bushnell, the app gives Funko a rare opportunity to continually improve its product by using fan feedback to guide the app's next iteration.

"There's one major difference when it comes to digital products, as compared to the physical products that Funko is so well known for, and that's that we can iterate. We can grow, we can continue to listen to what the fans are asking for and what their experiences are. We can grow the app in response to that."

The Funko team also spoke about Gears Pop!, their upcoming mobile game based upon Gears of War. Additionally, they offered more teases about the next Funko products. Watch the video!