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WATCH ECCC: Todd Nauck draws Spider-Ham

By Mike Avila

Who thought that a smart-mouthed spider-pig in spandex would swing into superstardom? Into the Spider-Verse gave this fine swine the exposure he deserves, and artist Todd Nauck drew him live for SYFY WIRE's Mike Avila.

"Spider-Ham is really fun because he's such a cartoony shape," said Nauck, who admitted he gets really messy in the initial phase of drawing as he's figuring out how to merge all the shapes into something recognizable.

He actually starts drawing a circle much as he would on a human, but since he's dealing with a superhero who is anything but human, the swine factor starts to emerge when he gets his ears, cheeks, and of course — that unmistakable snout.

Of course, Spider-Ham wouldn't be a Spider-thing without those Spidey lens eyes –- and Spidey senses that aren't visible on paper. Even the nostrils on his snout look like those lenses.

Nauck is the real deal. As an '80s kid obsessed with Spider-Ham, he had every single issue, and even had a fan letter printed in one of those issues when he was in high school ... but he never thought Spider-Ham would actually web-sling his way onto the big screen. Forget that whole thing about being in an Oscar-winning movie.

Surprisingly, Nauck hasn't been asked for many Spider-Ham commissions yet, though he thinks he possibly will now that the character has taken off. He does often get asked for Spider-Man and the Young Justice characters, though commission requests may change with that porker in the spotlight. He's become such a Marvel powerhouse that DC is unlikely to get their hands on him.

Watch on to see Spider-Ham emerge in full color!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.