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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about Static Shock


Nearly two decades ago, the Kids WB added Static Shock to its lineup and opened up a new corner of the DC animated universe. Static was one of the flagship characters of Milestone Media, making his comic book debut in 1993.

Co-creators Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle envisioned Static/Virgil Hawkins as a modern day Spider-Man. In a way, he was Miles Morales before Miles Morales. And while Static's comic book earned him a following, it was the Static Shock animated series that made him a multimedia icon. 

This week, SYFY WIRE is taking a look back at Everything you didn't know about Static Shock. Both McDuffie and Cowan were involved with the animated series, which wasn't quite as edgy as the comic that spawned it. That said, the show maintained most of Static's origin, and he was empowered with electricity abilities alongside the "bang babies." The show even tackled some tricky social issues, like school shootings and gang violence.

In the later seasons, Static's connections to the other DC animated shows were played up. Static came face-to-face with both Batman and Batman Beyond, as well Superman and the Justice League. In fact, the show revealed that Static was destined to become a legendary hero in this timeline. Phil LaMarr even had a duo role as the teenage Static and his older self in the future.

For more details about Static Shock's four-season run, check out the entire video.