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WATCH: Impractical Jokers' Casey Jost breaks down the twist-filled 'Shyamalan-verse'


Like Rod Serling before him, he's the king of twist endings and this weekend, he finally finishes off a long-gestating superhero trilogy grounded in the real world. That's right, we're talking about the one and only M. Night Shyamalan, whose career has been defined by some truly groundbreaking genre films and a string of terrible misfires.

To help Jackie Jennings provide a quick recap of the man's career, we enlisted the presence of Impractical Jokers' Casey Jost. Besides pulling elaborate pranks on unsuspecting victims, Jost is also very knowledgeable on what we like the call the "Shyamalan-verse."

From The Sixth Sense to Signs to The Happening, Shyamalan has explored ghosts, aliens, and plants like no one has done before. Hell, he's even tackled mermaids and pig monsters with Lady in the Water and The Village respectively. Sure, his movies range in quality and we won't even speak about The Last Airbender, but you have to admire a filmmaker who refuses to be discouraged by his past failures. 

When Split hit theaters in January 2017, critics and fans alike realized that they were dealing with a writer/director who can bounce back from even the worst career slump. Moreover, he was still extremely capable of pulling out the rug from under us all, tying Split to a Unbreakable, which had come out nearly two decades beforehand.

Before you see Glass in theaters, allow Mr. Jost and Ms. Jennings to provide a short crash course on the unique "Shyamalan-verse" in the video below: