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WATCH: Lana Condor of SYFY's Deadly Class on running a gambling ring and more


Lana Condor took a break from her katana-based assassin studies to answer a few questions related to her role as Saya Kuroki on SYFY's Deadly Class.

For instance, who would be best-suited to running a gambling ring with Ms. Kuroki? Who would she like to user her katana on? And, most importantly, which character from To All The Boys I Loved Before would survive a school for murderers?

Based on the popular comic by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig, Deadly Class (produced by the Russo Brothers, no less) is about a secret school that trains young killers. Led by Master Lin (Benedict Wong), the school mostly recruits the children of mafia bosses and yakuza leaders, who will one day take over the lethal "family business."

The next episode of Season 1 — "Noise, Noise, Noise" — is set to premiere on SYFY this coming Wednesday, January 23. Before then, head on down to the video below, where Lana Condor opens up about Saya and her fellow classmates!