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Watch 'M3GAN' crash Allison Williams' 'Today Show' interview in creepy viral horror stunt

M3GAN's not just on the big screen. She's everywhere.

By Matthew Jackson
M3GAN (2023)

From the moment her first trailer graced the internet last year, we knew it would be hard to escape M3GAN. The creepy killer android whose dance moves are as fierce as her kills quickly became one of the internet's new favorite toys, and all the buzz around early screenings of her movie has borne out that excitement. Quite simply, M3GAN is everywhere right now, even in the audience at The Today Show

Allison Williams, who plays M3GAN's creator in the new film, stopped by the daily morning show Thursday to talk about the making of the new killer doll sensation, only to be greeted by her creation outside the world of the movie yet again. This time, though, it wasn't just one M3GAN. It was half a dozen of them, standing out in the Today audience right behind the window which serves as the backdrop to the show's interview space. That meant the M3GAN gang was always watching Williams, and host Savannah Guthrie, for the entire duration of their chat.

"By the way, no one told us these ladies were coming, and they scared Dylan Dreyer," Guthrie said. "She's trying to do the weather and these six creepy M3GAN dolls are staring at her."

Williams didn't admit whether or not she knew the M3GANs would be following her to Today, but she did seem at least a little excited to see them, and admitted that surprise appearances from the dolls are "just part of my life now." In discussing the making of the film, though, she also told Guthrie that the "scariest part" of shooting M3GAN was simply hanging around the set, and occasionally finding the M3GAN doll simply frozen in place...or was she?

"I would be walking around on set and there would be M3GAN, just in repose," Williams said. "And that is terrifying. You look at her long enough, and you just think 'She's gonna start talking.'"

The M3GAN dolls who visited Today did not start talking, at least not during Williams' appearance, but they did start waving, which you can check out in the interview clip above. And yes, it's still creepy.

M3GAN is in theaters Friday.

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