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Terrifier 3 Will Resurrect Art the Clown With A Bigger Budget - Watch Parts 1-2 on Peacock

Art the Clown is back, and this time he's got a bigger budget and an appetite for even more blood.

By Matthew Jackson
A scene of Art the Clown using a homemade torch in Terrifier 2

Art the Clown lives! Deadline reports that, on the heels of the massive box office success of last year's Terrifier 2, writer/director Damien Leone has partnered with French distributors The Coven for a third film in the indie slasher series, paving the way for what sounds like the biggest installment yet.

We don't know much about Terrifier 3 yet, but we know that The Coven is already launching sales on the project worldwide, and that the budget is expected to be at least quadruple that of Terrifier 2's $250,000. That increase in funding this time around is thanks in no small part to the last film's extraordinary box office haul, which added up to more than $15 million worldwide late last year. In addition to Leone, the project is also expected to reunite producer Phil Falcone and stars David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown) and Lauren LaVera (Sienna Shaw).

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Beginning with a short film in 2011, what would become the Terrifier franchise transferred to features with 2013's All Hallows' Eve, an anthology film featuring several stories in which Art the Clown appeared as a silent, menacing, murderous clown dressed all in black and white. His first solo effort, Terrifier, followed in 2016, and developed a devoted following thanks to its focus on practical effects and very dark humor. 

It took six years, but Terrifier 2 finally arrived, with a bigger budget than its predecessors and an epic runtime of more than two hours, with festival premieres in the summer and fall of 2022. The film was well-received, expanded the mythology surrounding Art the Clown and his adversaries, and of course, left the door open for a sequel. When Terrifier 2 hit theaters in October of 2022, it just couldn't stop drawing audiences (even amid reports that viewers were vomiting and passing out during screenings), and eventually pulled in a box office haul that far outpaced its budget and made it one of the year's biggest horror success stories.

Now, we know that the sequel is on the way, with production expected to launch late this year and a theatrical release following in 2024. While you wait for Terrifier 3 to continue Art's reign of blood and gore, you can stream both Terrifier and Terrifier 2 on Peacock.