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Watch Michelle Yeoh shut down piano player during Golden Globes speech: 'I can beat you up'

Michelle Yeoh finally got her first Golden Globe, and no one was going to play her off.

By Matthew Jackson
Michelle Yeoh

It happens at every awards show. Someone's name is called, they go up to the stage, they get their trophy, and they begin an emotional speech while taking in their big moment in the spotlight, only to have music start up somewhere in the background seemingly seconds later, urging them to leave the stage no matter how much they still have to say. We're all used to it, which is why it's become something of an awards season game to watch the various ways celebrities try to get the music shut off.

Everyone has their own methods — but Michelle Yeoh's might just be one of the coolest.

Yeoh took home the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Motion Picture -- Musical or Comedy for Everything Everywhere All at Once at the Globes Tuesday night, joining her co-star Ke Huy Quan (who won Best Supporting Actor) as one of the film's two big winners at the ceremony. It was Yeoh's first Golden Globe, not just as a winner but as a nominee, and a big step on her way to a widely expected Oscar nomination later this year. Naturally, she was emotional, and she'd prepared a speech in which she illustrated how it took 40 years of work to get to this point. 

So, Yeoh took the stage, began her speech, earning lots of laughs and cheers from the audience along the way, but as she reached the point when she was about to begin thanking her Everything Everywhere All at Once collaborators, a tinkling of piano keys started somewhere just off-camera. The piano player hired to gently start playing winners off the stage had been given their cue to nudge Yeoh away, and Yeoh was having none of it. Her response:

"Shut up, please. I can beat you up, OK? It's that serious."

Musicians charged with playing off winners on awards stages have heard it all, from people simply shouting over the music to people begging them to stop playing so they can talk for just a few more seconds, but that's probably the first time that particular piano player has been told to shut up by a 60-year-old Malaysian cinema legend. In Yeoh's defense, she was clearly kidding, but we also have no doubt that she could indeed beat up just about any piano player if she wanted to. Watch out, Oscars.

If you missed the awards show last night, you can catch the entire Golden Globes streaming now on Peacock.