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WATCH: Outlander's Richard Rankin details Roger's dramatic choices in 'A Man of Worth'

By Tara Bennett

How can Outlander Season 4 be over already?!

(Spoilers for the episode below)

Claire and Jamie Fraser set down roots in the Colonies together, and traversed the happiness and pain of starting a new life with their extended family including daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), nephew, Young Ian (John Bell), and other surprise members of their family tree.

And then there's Roger Wakefield. In love with Bree, he traveled through the Stones to be with her in Colonial America and suffered a string of bad twists of fate that almost did him in, emotionally and physically.

"Man of Worth" brings Roger's season-long story to its climax. As prepare to embark on our long #Droughtlander, actor Richard Rankin closes the season with our final #Rogerlander discussion with SYFY WIRE's Tara Bennett. He discusses two pivotal moments in the episode that will set the stage for Outlander Season 5.

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