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WATCH: Project Blue Book's Michael Malarkey rolls for questions


Ever since Michael Malarkey was cast as one of the leading characters in History's Project Blue Book, he's been immersed in the world of UFOs and unexplained phenomenon. Apparently, some of that has bled into his real life as well.

SYFY WIRE recently invited Malarkey to play a round of Roll for Questions, a recurring feature in which celebrities randomly select their questions by the roll of the dice. Malarkey's first question was about spotting a UFO and he happily shared the tale.

"I was actually shooting down in Puerto Rico somewhere recently, and it was after I'd done Project Blue Book. So I was already starting to check out the skies. We were out on the beach late at night, me and my wife, and we look up and there's this [object that] seems like a shimmering orb above one of the buildings. It was super bright and felt like it was almost flickering. I was convinced that we were witnessing a UFO."

However, there was a more down-to-Earth answer to the event witnessed by Malarkey, even though it involves another planet.

"I got out my star app, and sure enough, it was Venus, which was very very bright at the time," noted Malarkey. "I thought it was a very weird occurrence, but it was just a planet."

Malarkey also shared the one Project Blue Book case that he wished he had personally witnessed, in addition to answering a few more questions. But for those responses, you're going to have to watch the entire video!