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We finally have a good look at the new, retro-cool Batmobile from Titans

By Elizabeth Rayne
Titans DC Universe

Batman is an undeniable part of DC Universe’s live-action Titans, even if neither we —nor Beast Boy, who is dying to meet him — barely see more than a glimpse of his cowl. Or his ride.

While there have been flashes of the Batmobile since the sixth episode of the series, the iconic vehicle that Dick Grayson rides shotgun in never emerged from the darkness for fans to see what it really looked like. It’s black. It’s shiny. That much is inevitable. Now we’ve finally got a reveal of the final design for the show’s Batmobile, and it might be nostalgic to some fans.

John Gallagher, the Titans concept artist who designed the new Batmobile and has also worked on Supergirl, The Flash, Lost in Space, Riverdale and Power Rangers, has Instagrammed the final version of the mysterious car driven by an even more mysterious man. It is, of course, black, with fan-like rims and an ultracool top with one windowed cocoon for the passenger and one for the driver. It’s also sans the shadows from the Batcave that have obscured it so far.

"You'll never see it sharply enough in the series so it seems only fitting you'd need a better look," he posted on Facebook. Beast Boy would be thrilled.

The ‘90s kids and hardcore Batman geeks everywhere may notice that the elongated profile bears a vague resemblance to Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski’s Batmobile in Batman: The Animated Series. It seems that was some of Gallagher’s inspiration, though he obviously took that in his own direction and through many conceptual test-drives. The image here is the result of "over thirty complete ideations and a couple dozen abandoned relics", as the artist said. Some of those relics:

The body of this Batmobile is also more streamlined than the animated version, with knifelike hubcaps and a more curved hood, meaning it can probably zoom through Gotham faster than the 2D one ever could. At least theoretically.

An entire history of Batmobiles could have inspired Gallagher. The retro black and red version that Adam West drove in the 1966 live Batman adaptation, which brought the Caped Crusader to life for the first time since he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, was designed by George Barris and based on the Lincoln Futura. It has similar cocoons to Gallagher's version, and a traffic light that would blaze as the Dynamic Duo tracked villians. 

Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV series

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight films merged the Batmobile with an ATV in what came to be known as the Tumbler. While it may look as it borrowed from a Hummer or other military vehicles, the vehicle is a completely unique creation with some uncommon features. Aspects such as a custom suspension and wheels that go inwards made driveability tricky. Designer John Holmes also needed to make sure the braking could allow it to swerve around the tight corners of Gotham.

Batmobile from The Dark Knight trilogy

By the way, if you've always wanted to get behind the wheel of the Tumbler and happen to have a Bruce Wayne budget, a fan-made replica is going up for auction on March 2. Too bad it isn't street legal.

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(via CBR)