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The Week in Geek: Keanu Reeves is 'breathtaking' and we're getting a Breath of the Wild sequel (eventually)

By Dany Roth
Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077 announcement E3

Congratulations. You made it to the end of yet another week. And insofar as we judge the passing of time, this last seven days was pretty good. There was a lot of video game news. Some trailers dropped. And another sci-fi franchise vied for our collective attentions.

But what were the biggest stories from this week? There's only one way to find out. Here they are: the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Jim Jarmusch, aka the guy who was Wes Anderson before Wes Anderson was Wes Anderson, decided to make a zombie movie. It's called The Dead Don't Die and it's in theaters right now. Bill Murray is in it playing a cop who was supposed to retire. Adam Driver is his partner who drives a Smart car. His key-chain has a Star Destroyer on it. Also, Tilda Swinton is a Scottish samurai mortician who looks a little like the evil preacher from the Poltergeist movies.

It's quite a film! If there's a term for a parody of a parody, that is the term I'd use right now to describe it. There's a lot of fourth-wall breaking. Steve Buscemi is a farmer who wears a hat that reads "Keep America White Again" and everyone in the town agrees that he is the worst. And Selena Gomez plays a hipster from Cleveland.

So if you were wondering if you'd like The Dead Don't Die or not, those are the facts you need to make your decision.


Men in Black 3 came out seven years ago. And considering the first Men in Black movie is over two decades old at this point, it seemed inevitable that there would be a full-on reboot.

Men in Black International is that reboot. It stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, aka those friendos from the Thor movie everyone likes. 

Word on the street is that, much like X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Men in Black International may not make a lot of money. Projections are looking at around $30 million. Which makes the larger question: What's up with these classic franchises struggling to find a foothold in present-day cinema? And will James Cameron break the trend with his upcoming Terminator or Avatar movies?


It's been nearly seven years since the Wii U kicked off the beginning of the eighth generation of console gaming. In that time, there was a pretty clear winner, at least insofar as console sales go: Sony. The PlayStation 4, according to Sony, has sold nearly 92 million units. Meanwhile, Microsoft, best known for the Xbox, doesn't even post official sales anymore, but video games analyst Daniel Ahmad estimated there was approximately 41 million systems total sold by the end of 2018.

Considering the Nintendo Switch has only been around for two years and has sold nearly 35 million consoles, that tells a pretty dire story for Microsoft and the Xbox. 

Sony has very slowly started to leak information about its next console (which will almost certainly be called PlayStation 5). And so, at E3 this year, Microsoft finally announced Project Scarlett, its entry into what will be the ninth generation of gaming consoles.

We don't really know much yet; there was mostly just a splashy video talking about AMD and SSD and 8k and viable refresh rates — technobabble that won't mean anything until it means everything. But the big notes are that the next Microsoft console will see a holidays 2020 release, it will drop with Halo Infinite (the next in Microsoft's sprawling sci-fi franchise), and there will be continued efforts towards continuity by way of carrying forward both your online footprint and, most importantly, compatibility with past Xbox generations. Just how many old games and how many generations back will be compatible with Project Scarlett, we don't know. 

Also, none of this even touches Microsoft's other potential ace, its Game Pass program, which will allow people to more easily play their games not just on their consoles but on their PCs as well. If Project Scarlett can operate as a high-powered gaming server, it might just make Google Stadia as a concept feel a little obsolete by comparison.

But we've still got a year and a half of waiting to see.


Here's a wild story that came out of E3.

CD PROJEKT RED, the company behind The Witcher series, showed a new trailer for its next big game: Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of the trailer, it was revealed that Keanu Reeves is in the game. Naturally, because E3 is a big show, the trailer ended with the real-life Keanu Reeves coming out on stage to talk about the game. He attempted to read the teleprompter, talking about how the game is "breathtaking" when someone in the audience yelled at Reeves, "you're breathtaking!" And then Reeves yelled back, "You're breathtaking! You're all breathtaking!"

Once again, Reeves confirms he is the internet's boyfriend.

But, wait! The story doesn't stop there. Peter Sark outed himself on Twitter as the original breathtaker and got a shoutout from the Cyberpunk 2077 social media team, who offered him a collector's edition of the game. But then, twist, Sark says, rather than giving him the game, he'd like it if the company supported Gamers Outreach by donating a go-kart to them. Gamers Outreach is a charity that uses gaming as therapy for children in hospitals.

The moral of the story is to Always Be Breathtaking. ABB. Go forth and spread the breathtaking word. 


There were a lot of reasons people were saying Nintendo won E3 this year: The Hero from Dragon Quest and Banjo Kazooie are joining the Smash Bros. family for one thing. The new Pokémon games continue to look delightful. There's going to be a new Contra game (along with a collection of a bunch of the old Contra games), which is very exciting for Generation X.

But, most of all, Nintendo announced a new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Nintendo Switch is probably more successful than anyone could've dreamed it could be, especially after what a massive financial stumble the Wii U was. But two things gave Nintendo its groove back. For one, the Switch is just what everyone wanted the Wii U to be in the first place: a truly portable console with home console graphics. But mostly, two, it started with a Zelda game that flipped the table on the franchise almost completely.

Breath of the Wild is probably the most innovative game Nintendo has released in decades. It took Link off his rails almost completely and left players in a sandbox world that just so happened to be Hyrule. It was hard. It was grueling. It was a revelation.

And instead of making expansions, Nintendo has started work in earnest on a full sequel. You know, probably for whatever console comes after the Switch. But hopefully also for the Switch.

As of right now, there is no release date for this Breath of the Wild sequel. Maybe if we all think about it really hard, it'll come sooner.

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