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SYFY WIRE Westworld Season 3

WIRE Buzz: Westworld S3 stars talk drones, filming; Netflix orders animated Mulligan; more

By Jacob Oller
Westworld Season 3 Evan Rachel Wood

Westworld analyzers of the internet, it’s time to shine: a new featurette showcasing a conversation between two of its most important cast members has been released for the upcoming third season of HBO’s topsy-turvy sci-fi series. As the show leaves its murderous amusement park, the Hosts and humans look to be fighting some kind of war — which is where Aaron Paul’s new character of Caleb comes in.

Caleb's a construction worker who ends up getting in WAY over his head with all the weirdo questions of free will and determinism that have escaped from the playground of the first two seasons. Now Paul and Evan Rachel Wood (who plays Dolores on the show) sat down to discuss filming the series, drone shots, and more in a pre-air clip. And, since it's Westworld, there's probably something hidden in there.

Check it out:

There were definitely some secret spoilers in there, right? Possibly the mention of how Dolores collapses into Caleb's arms like she does into William's in S1? And why was there such a pause when Paul was explaining who Caleb was? Is there more to this blue-collar worker than meets the eye? At least those drone shots look incredible.

These two actors join returning characters like Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), and more when Westworld returns to HBO on March 15.

Next, Netflix has a new animated comedy on the horizon from some heavy-hitters in the genre. Not only did the streamer order the new show Mulligan from Tina Fey (30 Rock), Robert Carlock (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and Sam Means (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), they ordered 20 episodes of it.

Deadline reports the series, created by Carlock and Means with Fey executive producing, will be about the world as we know attack that is. After interstellar baddies devastate the planet, the world has to start over. Perhaps it’ll have some kind of post-apocalyptic connections to another animated sci-fi comedy like Rick & Morty or some political commentary a la Don't Look Up, the upcoming asteroid comedy from Judd Apatow?

No timeline is yet set for Mulligan.

Finally, an adaptation of a beloved British children’s story is getting a big screen adaptation of its own. Four Kids and It (based on Jacqueline Wilson’s 2012 adaptation of E. Nesbit’s 1902 story Five Children and It) from director Andy De Emmony (Red Dwarf) stars Ashley Aufderheide, Teddie Malleson-Allen, Billy Jenkins, and Ellie-Mae Siame as kids that stumble upon the magical, wish-granting Psammead.

Michael Caine will voice the Psammead, while Russell Brand plays a new concoction for Sky’s film version: an evil aristocrat named Tristan. The villain is “questing after a treasure,” Brand told Total Film. “A treasure of the titular 'It.' He wants it. I feel like Christopher Lee as Lord Summersisle in The Wicker Man. Dustin Hoffman in Hook. And Jack [Nicholson] in The Shining.” If that sounds a little dark to fans of the book, know that there have been a few changes—though nothing drastic enough to scare off its author.

"We've had to take quite a lot of licence from the book," De Emmony explained, though he reassured fans that Wilson is completely behind the film and even makes a cameo. And as for that CGI monkey/alien/magical critter? "He's supposed to be very old, curmudgeonly, and mischievous," explains De Emmony. "Michael [Caine] loved the idea." In fact, aside from using “facial-capture software” to meld Caine’s performance with the CG creation, Caine was excited about playing a character that’d appeal to the younger set. "He said to me, 'When the monkey farts, that's going to be really funny! My grandkids will love that'," De Emmony said.

Paula Patton and Matthew Goode round out the cast as Four Kids and It looks to open on April 10.