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SYFY WIRE Five Nights at Freddy's

Matthew Lillard Reveals What He Wants From a Five Nights at Freddy's Sequel

"I got to kill my daughter, but we know nothing about him."

By James Grebey

Matthew Lillard, star of this October’s hit horror film Five Nights at Freddy’s, is excited to spend even more time inside that haunted pizzeria. 

Speaking to Collider, Lillard revealed what he hopes would happen in an as-yet-unconfirmed sequel to the first film adaptation of the popular video game series. Five Nights at Freddy’s, which also starred Josh Hutcherson as the night watchman tasked with overseeing the abandoned restaurant full of terrifying secrets, made almost $300 million worldwide at the box office, and it was available to stream on Peacock on the day of its release. The film was a huge hit, and Lillard, who played William Afton, the serial killer responsible for all the hauntings and horrors, seems pretty confident there will be a sequel. 

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What Matthew Lillard Said About a Five Nights at Freddy's Sequel

Matthew Lillard as Steve Raglan in Five Nights at Freddy’s

“So, it is Hollywood, one can assume that in success more will follow,” Lillard said. “I don't know if it's gonna be greenlit, it certainly hasn't been greenlit for me, but the expectation is that they will be making more, and in success, it's Hollywood, they'll make a lot more.”

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Although — spoiler alert — Lillard’s character, William Afton, kinda dies at the end of the movie, the complex lore of the Five Nights at Freddy’s video games and the supernatural aspect of the series means there are plenty of ways he could come back from the dead to reprise the role. 

“If it does come back, and if I'm lucky to be brought back, sure, yeah,” Lillard said, explaining that he felt he only scratched the surface of William Afton. “I mean, I barely got to touch him, right? I got to kill my daughter, but we know nothing about him. We know nothing about his history, about his journey. All those things that the fans have filled in for year after year, I'm excited to, with [video game creator Scott Cawthon] and [director Emma Tammi], fill in all those pieces that the fans have always wondered about. 

“How do we fill out expectations and how do we fill out the lore? I'll be excited to be a piece of that story,” he continued. 

There’s currently no confirmation of a Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel, but you can watch the original on Peacock