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What are our favorite kid characters doing now?

By Elizabeth Rayne

Ever wonder what some of your favorite kid characters would be like when they grew up? We do.

Kevin McAllister from Home Alone spent his childhood — or at least his holidays as a kid — booby-trapping burglars, watching inappropriate movies and eating way too much ice cream. It's the kind of thing that screams either genius or delinquent. So what could he be now? A loaded tycoon who can afford his own private island? A basement dweller with terrible credit still gorging on copious amounts of ice cream?

What about the sadistic CEO of a security company that employed Medieval torture weapons?

That last one sounds like more of fit for Pugsley Addams, who used to get electrocuted for fun. Pugsley may also have a future in baking horror-themed cakes. His signature design would probably have a disembodied hand sticking out of it. As for his sister Wednesday, if she had kids, would she name them Thursday and Friday? Maybe one of them would be named Monday. She does have a cruel streak.

Someone who might appeal to the adult version of Wednesday is Cole from The Sixth Sense, whose famous words soon turned infamous with "I see dumb people" memes, could have turned into the next Long Island Medium sans the signature hair and nails. She digs up corpses, he sees dead people. Sounds like a match.

Atreyu, the young hero of The NeverEnding Story, might be scarred for life. Nobody rides a fluffy flying dog-dragon-thing like Falcor or crosses the Swamp of Sadness and just forgets about it.

Want to know what we think other characters turned into? Watch on!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.