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What’s Next for Linda Blair and The Exorcist? We Asked Jason Blum

The Blumhouse founder also shared he wants to see a M3GAN vs. Michael Myers fight.

By Stephanie Gomulka

Jason Blum has helped define the horror genre with films like Paranormal ActivityM3GAN and now offering a fresh take on the Exorcist with The Exorcist: Believer.  

Actress Linda Blair portrayed the child (Regan MacNeil) at the center of the franchise’s first iconic feature film. In the latest iteration, Victor Fielding (Leslie Odom Jr.) connects with Regan’s mom Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) to try to save his own daughter and her friend after they're possessed themselves, much like Regan all those decades ago.  

**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven’t seen The Exorcist: Believer yet, proceed with caution. This article contains spoilers. 

Is Regan MacNeil, Played by Linda Blair, in The Exorcist: Believer

In a surprise twist for fans of the original, Regan makes an appearance reuniting with her mother at the end of the film.  

The founder and CEO of Blumhouse productions spoke with NBC Insider at New York Comic Con ahead of the Blumfest 2023 panel and shared his thoughts on if a return of Regan is possible. 

“Boy, I don’t know, but she was a great partner to us, and we had a really good experience with her, and I hope to get to work with her again,” Blum told NBC Insider

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Although Blum remained tight-lipped about future plans for Regan in The Exorcist, he opened up at the NYCC panel about the “biggest challenge” he thinks Blumhouse faces. 

“When people have success, they kind of get lazy or they like, try and repeat,” Blum said. “Our goal is scary and original you know even when we’re using IP you know, even when we’re doing sequels. We try and make them feel different and new." 

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The latest sequel follows Angela Fielding (Lydia Jewett) and Katherine (Olivia O’Neill), two young girls who become possessed after trying to contact Fielding’s deceased mother in the woods. Blum applauded his team’s casting director Terri Taylor for finding the young talent who were up to task to follow in Blair’s demonic footsteps.  

“Horror movies often have young children in the movies, young performers," Blum said. “Terri’s got really, really good at going all across the United States and sometimes beyond like discovering new talent and that’s the same way we got the two incredibly gifted young women.”  

Could There Be Any Blumhouse Horror Crossover Events in the Future? 

As for what's next at Blumhouse, aside from two looming Exorcist sequels? If it was up to Blum alone, fans would get an epic showdown between some horror franchise killers. 

“I want to — so many, but it’s very hard with the rights.” Blum told NBC Insider. “I mean, I’d love to see M3GAN and Michael Myers fight, but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen.” 

Blum did have some happy news for fans craving more M3GAN 2.0 news, saying they remain “on track” to make the second installment. 

The Exorcist: Believer is in theaters now. Get tickets at Fandango.