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SYFY WIRE Who Won the Week

Who Won the Week: Life on Venus?

By Jackie Jennings , Trent Moore & Caitlin Busch
Venus in ultraviolet shows interesting — and difficult to explain — contrasts in the cloud blanket. Credit: JAXA / ISAS / DARTS / Damia Bouic

Welcome to the latest episode of Who Won the Week, a weekly podcast in which SYFY WIRE looks back at the week that was and the stories that are blowing up the geek-o-sphere.

Big news in the universe this week: scientists have found phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus! Does this mean there could possibly be life on Venus? Here to help us break it down is astronomer Phil Plait, aka The Bad Astronomer. For the news, Jackie Jennings and associate news editor Trent Moore chat about the upcoming PS5 release and of course The Mandalorian, joined by another special guest: Caitlin Busch, co-host of SYFY WIRE's Jabba the Pod.

Listen below!

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