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TZGZ: Glenn the cheetah boots up a robotic pal in exclusive clip from new episode of 'Wild Life'

By Josh Weiss
Wild Life Episode 2

What do you get a high-strung cheetah for his birthday?

TZGZ's Wild Life answers that very strange question in an exclusive sneak peek at its second episode (premiering on SYFY tomorrow night). It's Glenn's (John Reynolds) birthday, you see, and he's so unsure about everything in his life that none of his friends bothered to get him a present. Well, everyone except his koala best friend, Darby (Reggie Watts). In fact, Episode 2 — perfectly titled "We Bot A Zoo" — is all about Darby creating robot versions for each of the animals at the post-apocalyptic zoo. The bots seem sweet at first, but just you wait — they're about to go all Robert Patrick in T2.

Creator and executive producer Adam Davies got the idea of pairing a cheetah with a koala after realizing that cheetahs are basically "the Ferrari[s] of the animal kingdom," he recently told SYFY WIRE. "It felt like the perfect combination — a goofy, little lovable thing you just wanna hug [Darby], with this Ferrari revving. Then all the other animals felt like they fell into place; they sort of balanced out."

Take a look at the clip below:

"We have a very democratic, 'best joke wins' vibe — we’ll vote on things and if two people vote yes, then it makes it onto the show," Davies explained. "So [it's] very collaborative and we tried to make it as much like a creative sandbox that people get to play in at all levels, down to storyboard artists, including their jokes and ideas. We just tried to make a really fun environment to work and play in."

Claudia O’Doherty ("Marny"), Baron Vaughn ("Hudson"), SkittLeZ Ortiz ("Debbie"), Natalie Palamides ("Viv"), and executive producer Dylan Dawson are also a part of the central voice cast.

Episode 2 of Wild Life premieres during SYFY's TZGZ lineup late Saturday night (12:15 a.m. EST Sunday, to be exact).