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SYFY WIRE The Mandalorian

Williams Sonoma blue macarons let you satisfy your Baby Yoda cravings without any infanticide

By Vanessa Armstrong
Baby Yoda eating blue cookie

Major spoiler for The Mandalorian ahead! In last week’s episode, our dear Baby Yoda Force-stole some blue cookies, ate them, and then vomited them up after Mando did some serious G-force dogfight flying. Perhaps those blue cookies intrigued you. Perhaps they still seemed desirable after you saw them puked up on Baby Yoda’s cassock. Perhaps you want to eat your own Star Wars blue cookies right now.

Williams Sonoma is betting that you do, even after The Child’s unexpected regurgitation. They’re betting you want to buy some so badly, in fact, that you’d be willing to drop $49.95 plus tax and shipping to get a dozen of them delivered to your doorstep.

Star Wars merchandise, especially that related to Baby Yoda, always seems to be a safe bet. But William Sonoma’s Nevarro Nummies™, which the company’s website describes as “ethereal French-style almond macarons” with “authentic galactic flavor” brings the show’s product placement to a whole new level.

Yes, the cookies were a running gag throughout the episode. And while they didn’t bring up fears of infanticide (see two episodes previous, when our dear Baby Yoda kept eating Frog Lady’s last spawn of eggs), Mando’s ward still displays bad behavior by stealing a Nevarran child’s school snack. Karma, however, appears to exist in the Star Wars universe along with the Force; after his surrogate dad shoots down some TIE fighters, Baby Yoda spews up his stolen macarons.

Williams & Sonoma Blue Cookies

Maybe this will teach Baby Yoda a lesson — don’t Force-steal blue cookies from random children. Given his track record this season, however, it’s likely he’ll be chomping down on something else he shouldn’t be eating sooner rather than later. And perhaps Williams Sonoma will release another expensive food tie-in when he does. Maybe it will pair nicely with some Nevarro Nummies™ and a glass of blue milk.

The first four episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2 are now available to stream on Disney+.