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Wilmer Valderrama tells Kelly Clarkson he can still rock his Fez costumes from 'That '70s Show'

All eight seasons of That '70s Show are now streaming on Peacock, so you can get a good look at all of Fez's outfits.

By Gina Salamone
Fez in That ’70s Show surrounded by friends

Wilmer Valderrama still hasn't said "good day!" to his old Fez outfits. The That '70s Show alumnus stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and brought along a photo of his family celebrating his daughter's 1970s-themed second birthday, revealing that he's sporting one of Fez's old ensembles in the pic.

This feat is impressive not just because Fez was known for his tight-fitting outfits, but because That '70s Show — which is currently streaming on Peacock  last aired new episodes 17 years ago. "What you saw me wearing there was one of Fez’s classic outfits," Valderrama told the daytime talk show host of his orange button-down shirt and pale blue pants and jacket. 

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"You still fit in it?! Screw you," Clarkson yells. "I am just very happy that you fit in it. That’s incredible." Fez attributed his still being able to wear the outfit to him dedicating one hour a day to himself. "I can promise you my one hour a day will not be working out," Clarkson, whose show also streams on Peacock, said. "My one hour a day will look like this — I just want to sit."

Watch Wilmer Valderrama reveal on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he still fits into his Fez clothes:

Valderrama's daughter with Amanda Pacheco, Nakano Oceana, turned two on Feb. 15. The actor shared on the talk show that his kid's first birthday was themed for Encanto, the 2021 animated Disney movie about a magical family. Valderrama voiced Agustín Madrigal, the dad of central character Mirabel. "Her first year was Encanto, and we made her her own magical door too," Valderrama' shared. "It was pretty cool."

He also talked about the significance of working on Encanto. "To be a part of a movie that meant so much to so many people at a time where they really needed that joy was just different," he said. "It was a very different type of movie too. And it was a very different type of movie for Walt Disney. But it was the joy of my life to be a part of that and to be the 60th film for Walt Disney Animation Studios. It was pretty iconic too.”

"The thing that I think about, when I think about that premiere, was being able to bring my mother to that premiere, for many reasons, because, she’s Colombian, and the movie takes place in a small, little village in Colombia," Valderrama added. "And for my mother, in her lifetime, for her to be able to see her Colombia portrayed on screen as anything but what it’s been for decades and decades, it was really, really beautiful.”

Besides snagging some of Fez's That '70s Show clothing once filming ended on the teen sitcom, Valderrama also got to keep the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser that was owned by the Forman family on the show and driven by Fez's pal, Eric Forman. Just as Valderrama and much of the show's cast returned for the That '90s Show series that debuted on Netflix in January, so did the Vista Cruiser. 

Valderrama reveals that he rented it back to the show, which featured the vehicle being passed on to Eric and Donna's teen daughter, Leia. "That was the one thing I took from the show," Valderrama said. "I took the Vista Cruiser, which I’m hoping that when my daughter’s old enough for me to take her to school, that I can embarrass her in that car.”

Catch more of Fez's classic outfits on all eight seasons of That '70s Show, now streaming on Peacock. And if you missed Valderrama's appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, you can also watch that on Peacock.

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