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WIRE Buzz: Catherine Hardwicke leads Heathen; Batman once again White Knights Gotham

By James Comtois
Catherine Hardwicke

One acclaimed comic gets adapted into a film while another celebrated comic gets a sequel in this WIRE Buzz twofer.

First up, Catherine Hardwicke has signed on to direct the fantasy-adventure epic film Heathen for Constatin Film and Prime Universe Films. Various media outlets are reporting that the Twilight and Red Riding Hood director is helming the feature that adapts the comic book series of the same name by Natasha Alterici from Vault Comics.

Heathen tells the story of Aydis, a Viking warrior who declares a one-woman war against Odin after her village scorns her for kissing another woman — and after witnessing widespread injustice against women. Hardwicke will direct a script written by Kerry Williamson (What Happened to Monday).

Alterici’s acclaimed comic book series debuted in 2017 with the help of dedicated investors contributing to a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. Heathen infuses feminist and queer themes into Norse mythology.

And a year after writer-artist Sean Gordon Murphy gave us the lauded alternate-universe comic book miniseries Batman: White Knight, DC is now unveiling the sequel: Batman: Curse of the White Knight. Murphy’s original eight-issue White Knight miniseries posed the question: What if Batman’s greatest archenemy, the Joker, was cured of his insanity?

The next chapter of Sean Murphy’s Batman saga, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, finds the Joker investigating the Wayne family's past with the help of a new partner — Azrael.

Check out the trailer for the new miniseries:

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is available now.