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SYFY WIRE Superman and Lois

WIRE Buzz: Superman & Lois' super kids; Disney+ projections; Seth Gordon astronaut drama

By Brian Silliman
Seth Gordon

Disney+ is poised to eventually give Netflix a real run for its money, at least according to a new study looking at the streaming landscape over the next five years. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, citing Digital TV Research projections, Disney+ is expected to reach 126 million subscribers worldwide by 2025. Disney+ currently has 28.6 million subscribers, so some major growth is expected for the upstart service. For the sake of comparison, the projection expects Netflix to hit 238 million subscribers by that point. So, Disney+ would still be a fair ways behind, but both are expected to be postiively massive. If the projections hold, of course.

For genre fans, Disney+ is quickly becoming a must-have, with shows like The Mandalorian and the upcoming MCU series on the way. And plenty more to come behind those over the next few years.

Ground control to Seth Gordon... commence new movie, cameras on. 

The astronaut drama Ground Control to Major Tom has been picked up by Solstice Studios, and Seth Gordon (Baywatch, Horrible Bosses) has been tapped to lead the mission as director. 

Variety reports that Solstice (which launched in 2018) has "begun making cast offers" and will also distribute the movie in the United States. Taking its title from the popular 1969 David Bowie single "Space Oddity," the film will tell the story of an astronaut and a ground control expert for NASA. They've never met, but they will fall in love over the course of the astronaut's secret mission to an abandoned space station. 

Things will go wrong, time will pass, and soon enough all that will separate these two is a whole lot of space. The real question is how many times they will play the aforementioned Bowie track, hopefully at least three times. 

In case you haven't heard, the Arrowverse iterations of Superman and Lois Lane don't just have one child now — they've got a supersized couple of Kryptonian kids. 

Deadline reports the straight-to-series Arrowverse spin-off, Superman & Lois, has cast the scions of the big blue boy scout and the greatest reporter of all time. Actors Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin will play the roles of Jonathan and Jordan opposite series leads Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tuloch, who will star and reprise the roles of Clark and Lois from Supergirl

According to Deadline, it is believed that the two are twins, with Jonathan being the " shucks" type, and Jordan being "wildly intelligent" while also experiencing social anxiety. Arrowverse fans knew that Lois was pregnant in last year's Elseworlds crossover, but then came this year's gargantuan Crisis on Infinite Earths. Son Jonathan was born by then, before he, Clark, and Lois were all wiped out by the Anti-Monitor. After the reset of the universe (clutch), the three were saved, and they also had a fourth (Jordan) in the mix. 

This was all revealed in Part 5 of the epic (epic) crossover, which featured Clark having to go back to Metropolis immediately to deal with his "sons." 

Nothing in Metropolis was ever the same again.