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WIRE Buzz: Wedge Antilles returns in print; Maisel and Braun's MythoVerse; more

By Josh Weiss
Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles is back! A brand-new Star Wars novel that goes on sale next week, Resistance Reborn, is bringing back the decorated pilot/Red Squadron hero (played by Denis Lawson in the original trilogy) of the battles on Yavin, Hoth, and Endor.

While an older version of Wedge does appear on the novel's cover, his return, at least in print form, was officially confirmed in an exclusive excerpt published on

The snippet gives the reader a glimpse into Wedge's peaceful retirement on Myrra, Akiva. His quiet existence is shattered when Snap Wexley and his wife, Karé Kun, show up to inform him about the events of The Last Jedi, breaking his heart with the tragic news that Admiral Ackbar and Luke Skywalker are both dead.


Written by Rebecca Roanhorse, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn helps set the stage for The Rise of Skywalker and goes on sale next Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Last March, we reported that David Maisel (the founding chairman of Marvel Studios) and Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber's music manager) were developing new comic book films based on Aspen titles like Fathom and Soulfire. As it turns out, the TurnerVerse (both books were created by the late Michael Turner) was just one of two new animated cinematic universes in the works at Maisel and Braun's year-old company, Mythos Studios.

Based on a fresh story from The Hollywood Reporter, Maisel and Braun are also developing a "MythoVerse," whose big-screen projects will draw direct inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology. For instance, Justin Bieber has already signed on to voice Cupid in the flagship entry — an animated-musical film about the god of love and his wife, Psyche. Maisel cooked up the movie's story, while led to the screenplay by Carlos Kotkin (Rio 2). Pete Candeland, a music video veteran, is attached to direct.

"When David and I launched Mythos, we knew we had something really special in both our shared overall vision and the IP we wanted to bring to life," Braun said in a statement to THR. "We are thrilled to have best-in-class creatives and executives to help make these stories a reality."

Cupid and Psyche

When it comes to the aforementioned comic book adaptations, both projects now have official writers. Kristen Gore, daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, is writing Fathom, while Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt (Star Trek: Discovery, Reign) are penning SoulfireAdams and Joe Ksander, the directors of Next Gen on Netflix, are overseeing the two movies.

"We are tremendously fortunate to have found brilliant creative partners whose artistry and storytelling talent will help us bring these very distinct yet universally themed stories to life on the big screen," Maisel also said in a statement. "These three projects reflect our vision for Mythos Studios, which is to immerse viewers in cool, animated universes based on contemporary and classic mythologies that resonate around the world. We are excited to be moving forward with these films."

Mythos hired Aaron Dem (Space Jam, How to Train Your Dragon 2) as VP of Physical Production.

The Supernatural Academy, a best-selling series of YA books by Jaymin Eve, will be adapted into an animated series, reports Variety. Global rights to the novels are held by 41 Entertainment, the production behind behind the animated shows based around Pac-Man and Skylanders.

The Harry Potter-esque publications follow Madison James, a human who, upon discovering she has magical abilities, attends a school for vampires, shape-shifters, and the like.

“I could not be happier to see my work on the screen in animation, and I am thrilled to partner with 41E, who have shown such interest in the characters and worlds that I created,” said Eve in a statement published by Variety.

The Supernatural Academy

“Based on the continued success of YA live-action series, it is clear that young adults love the genre,” added Kiersten Halstead, VP of Acquisitions, Development and Production at 41 Entertainment. “With our animation expertise, we are confident that stories about shape shifters, vampires, witchcraft and magic can best be told in high-quality CG animation.”

The series, which will utilize CG animation, is expected to arrive in the fall of 2021.