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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

WIRE Buzz: WB's Wonder Woman Day super cut; John Wick's Dubai rollercoaster; Disney+'s Sneakerella

By Vanessa Armstrong
Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman first burst onto the comics scene — and eventually into the hearts and minds of millions — in Action Comics #8, which was released on Oct. 21, 1941. But over the years fans have found the character in tons of different ways: comic books, cartoons, a live-action television show, and of course the movies, the most recent of which, Wonder Woman 1984, is still set to come out later this year.

Warner Bros. is celebrating that connection this year with the video below, showcasing the different media Wonder Woman (or Diana Prince as she's sometimes known) has appeared in over the years, The super cut commemorates Wonder Woman Day, celebrated on Oct. 21, to note her comic book debut.

"Happy #WonderWomanDay!" the studio tweeted. "No matter where you know her from, Wonder Woman has always been an inspiration and icon." 

The video features scenes from 2017's Wonder Woman, as well as from the now-iconic 1975 TV show starring Lynda Carter, and the more recent iterations of the character from DC Super Hero Girls. Even the LEGO and Funko versions of the character made the cut. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to be released on Dec. 25. 

Love the John Wick movies and daydreamed about visiting the nefarious Continental hotel yourself? If you can make it to Dubai, specifically the Motiongate theme park, you’ll soon have the chance to make your dreams come true.

According to Variety, Motiongate Dubai will soon have a 10-story rollercoaster ride called John Wick: Open Contract, where guests will enter the Continential and decide whether they want to help John Wick (Keanu Reeves) or hunt him.

Depending on what option visitors choose (though who among us is foolhardy enough to go against John Wick?!), they’ll be ushered through a different queue experience based on this choice. 

John Wick Ride

The Dubai theme park will also get the world's fastest single spinning-car coaster that's inspired by the Now You See Me films, where magicians of different stripes pivot to become master thieves.

Now You See Me Rollercoaster


Can’t make it to Dubai anytime soon? Don’t fret — Lionsgate, the company that owns the two franchises, is planning to have more rides like this in the future.

John Wick is definitely an intellectual property that we feel is perfect for location-based entertainment,” Jenefer Brown, executive vice president and head of global live, interactive and location-based entertainment at Lionsgate, told Variety. “Because the world is so rich and the characters are so intriguing. There’s a lot of story that we can tell there in an experiential way. Now You See Me is the same way, as magic is incredibly popular and universal. Doing this first ride in Dubai I think will establish what we can do in other places around the world, and we’re interested in expanding our portfolio of film franchises and TV series, in outdoor theme parks.”

Sneakerella, a Disney+ hip-hop musical inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale, has just started production. According to Deadline, the film stars Chosen Jacobs (It), Lexi Underwood (Little Fires Everywhere), and former NBA champion John Salley, and revolves around New York City’s sneaker culture.

In the movie, Jacobs plays El, an aspiring shoe designer who, with “a sprinkle of Godfather Fairy magic” and the help of his new friend Kira (Underwood), is able to make his dream of becoming a professional shoe designer a reality.

Other members of the cast include Devyn Nekoda as El’s best friend Sami; Juan Chioran as El’s neighbor Gustavo; Robyn Alomar as Kira’s sister Liv; Bryan Terrell Clark as El’s stepfather Trey; and Kolton Stewart and Hayward Leach as El’s stepbrothers, Zelly and Stacy.

The film is expected to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2021.