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Isla Fisher and Josh Gad Expand Their Family in Season 2 of Wolf Like Me: What to Know

The secrets gets more complicated for Gary (Joh Gad) and Mary (Isla Fisher) in Season 2 of Peacock's Wolf Like Me

By Tara Bennett

Who doesn't love a werewolf rom-com? One of the most unique sci-fi shows of 2022 was Peacock's Wolf Like Me, which paired Isla Fisher and Josh Gad as Mary and Gary, a "species-crossed" pair who fall in love despite the clandestine predator living within Mary. Renewed for a second season in April 2022, Wolf Like Me finally has a return date on Peacock ... Oct. 19. 

Gad, Fisher, and Ariel Donoghue will be joined this season by Edgar Ramirez, who plays Anton, Mary’s former professor and the keeper of some of her secrets. 

Shane (Jake Ryan) and Mary (Isla Fisher) talk in Wolf Like Me Season 2

When last we left the odd, little found family of widower Gary, his 11-year old daughter, Emma, and werewolf Mary, the father/daughter were both aware and accepting of Mary's, erm, affliction. Having finally mourned the loss of Emma's mother properly with an assist from Mary's professional and personal advice, the trio bonded and formed a new pack of three ... with a new sibling on the way.

Season 2 picks up with Mary's pregnancy, and their concerns about what the little cub will be: human or wolf pup? Not to mention, when the birth happens and they discover that answer, how do they share it with the world? Of course, the past is also on their heels with what happened to their attackers in the Outback coming back to haunt the trio, not to mention what they still don't know about Mary's past. Enter Anton and a lot of disruption to come. 

In a release from creator Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters), he said that if Wolf Like Me Season 1 was all about "the mysterious forces of the universe bringing Mary, Gary and Emma together," then Season 2 asks if the universe is now conspiring to pull them apart?

Mary (Isla Fisher) holds headphones to her pregnant belly in Wolf Like Me Season 2

In developing where the series would go after the end of Season 1, Forsythe said watching Fisher as Mary rally around her new pack, and baby, is truly the emotional heart of the series.

"Isla’s portrayal of Mary continued to surprise me with her heartbreaking vulnerability," he shared. "She’s operating at another level this season and it continues to be a privilege to push her further and further into what she does best. And Josh always impresses me with how he can register ridiculousness in a way that lets the audience into how crazy everything is, without breaking the tension and letting it fall apart. This season, humor plays an even larger role as we explore the inherent absurdity that ensues when their secrets spill into the open."

All seven episodes of Wolf Like Me Season 2 premiere exclusively on Peacock on Oct. 19.

All six, 30-minute episodes of Wolf Like Me Season 1 are now streaming on Peacock.